First Blog

Am I jumping into the bandwagon?

Seems blogging is the "in-thing" at the moment but like all fads, they will be gone faster than you can finish your 1000 litres of Pepsi. I used to write suff in my diary religiously until I realised that:

1) Only Pharmacists can read my hand writing
2) The fresh crisp clean diary it too crisp and clean to waste on
3) My pen runs out of ink faster than the leads from my mechanical pencil
4) I get cramps between my thumb and fore-finger.
5) I can type faster than I write
6) Those who read your Diaries are the people you least expected them to read your Diaries
7) Tipp-Ex smudges are no fun

Anyway, since I have (accidentally?) registered myself into this site out of curiousity, I have no choice but to apologise in advance should you go insane reading my stuff.

Why Oh!Penions?

Well, its like "Oh, my God! I am writing my opinions (insane ramblings) with an electronic QWERTY pen."
And it has nothing to do with onions (my favs) even if the articles made you cry.

There you go.