Of tilting heads and giving the double fingers

I still don't understand how they came to know about tilted heard and the 'V' signs. But anyhow, I guess this will be their general pose for the time being...

Also, this is the time Kristine does weird hair styles, but you can't really see them since she tied them at the back.

Not to be outdone, Kaelynn did a 'double' instead.

Hardwoking 6-leggers

As I parked my car at the roadside, thinking about my plans for the day, I noticed a lot of ant running about neat the car. This is a bit terrifying for me because, in the worse case scenario, some of the ants could hitch ride my car back to the house, take over the other ants, inter-cross breed to come out with a new generation of mutated ants which is impervious to insect repellents or blows-offs from the mouth.

Then a bright idea came, which is to drop some of my crisps in the hopes that they would eat it and go away. But I did not expect them to swarm over so fast and...

This is the first crisp I've dropped. Within minutes, scout ants came and well, staked their claim

Slightly much later, more ants came and did a heave-ho. Hey, I thought they're going to use their mandibles to cut them into smaller chunks but I was wrong.

Just to distract them further, I dropped two more crisps nearby but it took quite a bit before they start to take notice.

By this time, crisp#1 is already well underway to the nest, which I started to follow

OK, crisps #2 and 3 are being noticed and... hey, they're ignoring crisp#3! Is there a size quota?

Because the underground secret lair has a lot of leaves and obstacles, carrying the crisp proved to be quite a workout for the ants.

And then, the unthinkable happened. They took crisps#1 and 2 to the walls of the drain

Where they disappeared to the upper tunnel to where, I am not sure as from my side, I do not see any other drain covers since its full of grass.
Oh well, this did teach me a lesson about the ants. No, its not about wasting crisps but more of, how a problem can be solved using unconventional thinking. But because we, as humans, are not natural wall-crawlers, we too, have to find other solutions to a problem and not just use the usual route or have a very narrow thinking path.