Cabling in Seremban

OK, so we're going to Seremban today, in fact, we're been to Seremban quite a few times for this month. Except this time, its to lay a new cable. We could have done it faster if not for the customer's HQ's red-tape.

While my tech went across the road for a drink,
I followed along and also got myself a nice little
vadaai. This one is different as most of them are
flat. This one here, is like a small rock. Took me
ages to finish, though. In the end, I packed it but
forgot about it hours later and its still fresh.

The cable in question is shorting. Few weeks ago, it was
already showing the symptoms and but now, its all gone.
I took this picture and I was surprised at the deterioration.
This is a small underground conduit where the cable is
coming from. You can see a lot those yucky stuff which I
won't even touch. Its damp and blocked as well. Its as if
someone dumped some foam/glue/food and it just rotted.

And not only that, the stupid monkeys
who put the partition must have a big
problem with the cable guy or vice
versa because not only was the cable
stuck tight in the hole, it was damn
hard to get the new one through as
the partition was blocked from top to
bottom. Finally, we did it, though.

Just as we were walking back to the car,
I heard the unmistakable sounds of a
pre-recorded swallows and when I looked
up and there it is! You can see the bricks
(top floor in the middle of the picture) all
nicely done, like a big door for them to fly
in and out of the building. Pity those who
live around that place as the sound is a
bit irritating after some time.