My Car suddenly died..... Part III

I popped by this morning and she is still not ready, though. I was hoping she would be ready by today because, it would be fun to test her on the road when I am needed to go to Langkawi on Monday morning. Sadly this is not to be so. The again, I don't think this is a good idea to stress the engine after being repaired.

Its like trying to jog 100 metres after recovering from a Heart by-pass.

Still, there are more work for the crew as they will need flush the radiator, fill in the Engine Oil, and other stuff and they're been hard at it whole days now. I hope there will be good news on Monday.

Some of them are already asking about my meters and other modifications. Oops.

Here is the beautiful and cleaned engine block

Everything is in place now

Even the pistons are gleaming!

Some of the boxes that came with the valves

Yesterday, he was cleaning the exhaust