My mind was thinking about a project today and I actually have two designs to choose. However, which design I wanted depended on one thing; which shape would present to me first, would be the final one. But after looking at all sorts of bottles and shapes, I decided to go with the two designs as I have not found what I was looking for.

To an ordinary person, this is an empty
drink bottle. But to the trained eye, this
is actually a Camelli Mixed Berries. To
my Wife, it should be in the dustbin.

What does this inspire you? A Star Wars
weapon barrel or some Sci-Fi thruster?

And this? What does this remind
you of? A Jet Engine perhaps?

Unfortunately, to some its a skin cooling solution.

And a deodorant for inner arm for others.

[Update: 02102010]
OK, rather than pouring the whole deodorant into the trash, I decided to use it. Compared to the normal spray ons, this is very very difficult for me. Remember the feeling of scracthing your fingernails on the blackboard? Yep, its the same. I can never get over the feeling of running ice-cubes on the armpits.

Anyhow, after some trepidations and false starts, I got it on. And throughout the day, I kept smelling the deo and I was sweating like heck. All over the body under the hot sun except the armpits, that is.

My second real Star Trek Prop

Thanks to Mr. Whizz, I am now a proud owner of a Star Trek Medical Prop. I was so happy because it arrived on my desk this morning. My first was actually a Roddenberry Endgame Tricorder which I won from eBay years ago.

And now, this is my second prop. For those who are not familiar, this is actually a Hypospray. Think of it as a futuristic syringe where it delivers the drug/solution into the patient without painful injection. Slot in the vial, touch it to the skin and press the button. Voila!

And his kits are very reasonably priced too. If you want one, you can give him a shout and tell him I told you.

I like the way Mr. Whizz used Okudagrams on
the address labels. Its very imaginative and
could also easily pass off as a prop in a place
where replicators are a luxury.

And his model skills are amazing! I have yet
to find any severe issues with them. What I
got was two resin parts, two machined metal
parts and three glass vials.

Now, all I need are modelling skills, something
which I seriously lack. (Why do you think I do
Electronics, instead)