My 52mm Circular Polariser!

Woo hoo! I found my circular polariser again while rummaging some of the boxes looking for something which forgot I had (turned out to be better as I found more stuff which I have forgotten!) I got this more than 10 years ago, in Scotland while I had my Minolta SLR (forgot the model aledi) which I bought using monies from doing cartoon sketches.

Wokay. Once I saw the container, I remembered how it came this way.
Yeah, it was left in my Bengmobile for months under the hot sun.

And luckily, its 52mm, which fits my Nikon D50! Its from a UK
brand called Jessop which is quite popular at that time. Its made
from glass and you can turn the upper ring (holding the glass)
until your image has no more glare or reflections

This is what happens when I put it in front of the UV filter

After correcting myself, I got a decent picture but I have to
push the EV up a bit since the filter made it very dark

See Hoy Chan Charity Funfair

Ok. OK. I am not much when it comes to details. All I can remember was that there was a charity funfair in aid of the Selangor Spastic Center and we were late. So, I am not going to tell you much on that day except that we could not use the coupons to get food and drinks since they were all sold out, we used it to buy RM38 worth of frozen Kari Kepala Ikan (Fish head curry) since it was the only food left.

Kristine's first try at some games and she actually won!
The second game was much tougher since you had to name the
colour before spinning the wheel.

Kaelynn got some souvernir balloons which got
very much mutilated by the time we got out

Of course, no successful funfair would be complete
without the ever popular "Dunk the guy" game