Happy New Year

Well, 2005 is upon us. But there is nothing much to look forward to, except seeing Kristine grow. You see, in Malaysia, in 2005, the Tolls for the Highway will increase, and chances are, so would the petrol prices, which then triggers other price rises.

And this time, since the Government has cancelled the New Year celebration, I can finally sleep in peace. There were no Fireworks waking Kristine too. But seeing people enjoying themselves in Bangsar (from the TV), I guess "private" parties were on. I don't blame them because the Tsunami did not hit Kuala Lumpur. But then again, would they care? There were news of Tourists going back to the affected area as saying "Its not their problem". So, who cares? Right.

Tell that to all those who died

Anyway, yesterday, Steven at Toy Wiz was so happy to see me that I bought more HotWheels and he even ripped a collectors guide booklet for me. I wished he did not do that because it contained the two cars which I do not mind getting them for my nex trip. However, safe to say, I do not have to go to other places to look for Hotwheels anymore.

Yes, I am bored