Do not get pissed off

ME: Hello, I am ...

GOH: Wait. Let me make a phone call first. (Suddenly his face all black)

GOH: *To another contractor* Wait. Don't worry. I am not going anythere.

GOH: *To the phone* Hello, Peter. Yau mou gau chor, ah? (Are you playing the fool with me?)
You told me you have finished pastered the ceiling! Sure or not, its done?
Well, I am standing here and the ceiling is still not done!

ME: Hello, I am from so-and-so and here is the floorplan we promised you

*Mr. Goh took one quick look*
GOH: What the....?! Hey, why are you giving me this new floorplan now? Look at this! How am I going to buy all the parts you need? And why are you here now? Where is this (my colleague)? Why is it everytime I meet you guys, you're all different. Who is the right person I am supposed to liaise with?!

ME: *starting to get annoyed* Look, this drawing is.......... (explain to him what we wanted done, which does not cost him a sen)

GOH: Oh, OK. Blah blah blah

I meet these type of people quite often nowadays and its usually a waste of time arguing and showing who's Boss to them. Because, at the end of the day, you need to keep track of two things in mind. It does not matter if he is an asshole or just like to make things difficult. Your role there is to just get the job done and get paid at the end of the day. Simple as that.

But if I was younger ten years ago, in my fiery temper, I would be very tempted to whack him in the face, kick him while he is on the ground and maybe break his arms, never paying attention to the fact that I could be fired or get arrested.

After having experienced more "salt", one tends to look at the big picture, and keep their tempers in check. So, once Mr. Goh understands the situation and having to look at the plan very very carefully again, the matter is settled. And I get to go home and play with my Kristine.