Lunch at KL Tower

For our company's annual dinner, we decided to have lunch instead of dinner. Last year, it was nice and again, it was close to Chinese New Year, so we opted for a Halal package at one of the seafood restaurants near the old Subang Airport. Unfortunately, we ended up eating most of the stuff as the remaining staff were, well, not Chinese and was shy to participate, especially the Yee Sang.

Anyway, this time, we're more or less much organised and we decided to have our lunch at the KL Tower's Sri Angkasa. And it turns out to be a buffet lunch. What makes it so special is that the restaurant revolves slowly so that you can see the whole of Kl while you eat your lunch. I was told that in one hour, it completes two circles. Whatever it was, I did not take heed as I was quite busy with Kristine.

Overall, the atmosphere is quite nice. You have the air conditioning at the right setting, the musician playing quietly and not seen (much) and most of the patrons are quiet well behaved. I believe, I can sit there the whole day and still not get bored. Oh, and yes, they have food too. There are actually two food sections, place on the oppposite sides of the restaurant. On one side would be the usual Malaysian food while the other side caters to more of the "Western" side (except for the sushi). Everything was nice, but please do not think about the taste when you eat. Afterall, you're only paying for a revolving room. And then, there is the dessert section located in the middle of the restaurant. Still, I would reccomend the sauteed fish and salmon sashimi (from one sede) and mixed with the Chicken rice (from the other side).

But please, stay off the oysters

Since we could not find her bib, we improvised with the Restaurant's

Next to us was a group of foreigners were most of them were
wearing sarongs for reasons I do not know.

Kaelynn was excited as well, seeing her sister eating to her
heart's content, so she kept pulling Mommy for attention

Kristine also made some friends but later on, one of the kid's
finger was stuck in the revolving platform. Luckily, although
the groove was uneven, it was not close enough to chop it off

This is the Malaysian section where you dishes like curry, chicken rice,
some DIY mee and so on. Which I gave it a miss

This is the dessert and bar section where you can find fruits,
cakes (very dry) and ice cream (rock hard, man).

This is the occasional pianist. Sometimes he plays and sings,
sometimes his Notebook covers for him

But I forgot to take pictures on the Western section where my
favourites were. Cheese, cold cuts and best of all, salmon sashimi!

At the observation deck, there were a lot of tourists about and
since our Sri Angkasa ticket allows us to go to the deck below....

At the entrance, they will pass you a set of headphones with
somekind of PDA which tells you about Malaysia. Since I do
not look like a "Malaysian", I accepted the offer for the set
until my Wife told the girl, "We're Malaysians", she quickly
took it back. Damn

From here, the KLCC looked so insignificant and well, "normal"
Even the new Ferris Wheel (Eye on Malaysia) at Tasik Titwangsa
looked more like some second-rate funfair reject. Ha ha ha ha ha

Some guests were fuddling with the player. Maybe they got tired
after walking about in circles.

And Kristine, being Kristine. You know la

Although the binoculars are free, please follow the instructions
Oh, and don't look into it with one eye closed. Its very tiring and

And yes, Clowns are still frightening. Kristine was crying
her eyes out and it took quite some time before she can
even accept the balloon

As I was walking towards the car, I heard some strange
noise and I looked around............

Too bad I did not have my polariser
(It has gone lost again)

Sometimes, its worth to take a step back and realised
how much Malaysia has achieved since Independence
(But try not to laugh out loud)

On the next day, being a Sunday, we had planned to go for Chinese New Year shopping. And so, with another Guest (sorry to make you babysitter, ha ha ha ha), off we go to Giant. And afte that, we stopped by USJ for dinner. And for the first time in years, we got to eat cockles again. Luckily, Kristine was not interested in them and I was not about to feed them to her either. Hepatitis shots or no, she is not going to eat cockles.

Kristine and Kaelynn sharing the toy balloon which she
got from the Clown. I thought it was a poodle while everyone
thought it was a flower. But when it became loose, I tried to
fix it back by twisting, pulling. After that, I realised what I
was doing, I quickly put it away. Its so digusting, I tell you.

The Three babes

I got bored. So I wanted to see how Kaelynn reacts to
a baloon which keeps following her. Luckily I pulled it
off before my Wife sees it or I will get a scolding

Kristine got this after her trip to Giant, which is also
her very first balloon. Luckily, it did not explode or
else she would cry the whole house down

One of the rare moments where the two sisters accepts
each other. Or should I say, Kristine loves Kaelynn

After the shopping trip, Kristine decided that the Guest's
noodle is much better than her fried rice...........

We have the Milk Beard and now, the Orange Beard

All the while Kaelynn was lying there, looking at
us eating and enjoying our food. The poor girl has
no teeth yet. Maybe in a few more months?