Fragile focus

Yep, its broken again and by Krsitine. But it was not immediate as I took a lot of countermeasures to prevent it from breaking off completely. Until metal fatigue came. This happened when we were playing and Krsitine accidentally used her head to bash into my face a few months ago. Because the frame was flexing a lot, it eventually gave way.

Anyway, the glasses had to be replaced because the rubber grip was not so effective anymore and the lens are starting to turn yellowish. I was hoping to get them changed next year, maybe after Chinese New Year but no suck luck. Maybe I should have gone to a welder months ago but because of their machine, I think it would have destroyed the framed instead.

So now, everytime I have to look down, it sort of slipped from my head and onto the floor. Luckily the lens are plastic.

Right now, I can't see myleft too much so you all
don't try sneaking up on me from that direction, ha

Wearing the pants in the House

They say, whoever, wears the pants in the house is the Master. So, I think Kaelynn just wants to do that. But kids nowadays, likes to try to do things by themselves. I tell you, I still believe its the formula milk, man.

So, this time, she tries to wear it by herself

Almost made it since Daddy has done it for her
many times already

Close, but no cigar

The Case II

Just a few days ago, I bought the Toyogo case over this model and now, I had to buy it too. Why? Well, it was more to do with my job in Kuantan yesterday. We were supposed to have the system up by three in the afternoon and everything was right on schedule until some stupid IT nerd go and play with the power sockets which tripped the whole building. And the electrician took ages to come as it happened during lunchtime.

So, we walked next door to Giant for lunch instead. . . . and then it happened.

I saw the Felton case being sold for RM8.99, which was a bit expensive compared to Carrefour. But in the end, I got it anyway since I needed it for something else as well. Then at the counter, I was charged for RM4.99 instead. I asked the guy at the counter about the price discrepancy and he replied, "Maybe they labeled it wrongly..." Which was great news for me. I saw the Giant brochure and it stated the case as being sold for RM4.99 despite the overhead poster saying it was for RM8.99. So, I went in again and bought another case. Ha ha ha ha.

This Felton case was my first choice because of its hinges. But
what the other case won was because of its moulded handle

Although the Felton case is bigger than the Toyogo
case, I still went ahead with the Toyogo case. But
here, if my criteria was for the hinges, then the
Toyogo case would have lost out as their type
if hinge can come loose easily of the contents
are bulging too much

As you can see, the reason why I liked the Toyogo
case, which is the handle as I believe, some things
can be stored at the cavities near the handles

Unfortunately, when I closed the case, there were some
large gaps which means I cannot store any small things
there. cheh

My cacat camera

A few days ago, I noticed that there is another problem which is getting more severe with my FujiFilm FinePix. The CCD sensor. Sometimes, it will give me the occasional flicker and if I took a photo at that point in time, the flicker would be captured. But now, it goes dark and sometimes, the colour changes too. Haih. If I send this to be repaired, the cost if going to be a new camera now.

In bright morning daylight, I shot this in the van.
And I was not happy with that realisation

Under the flourescent light, it came out like this

And after some "gentle" knocks, it went back to normal.....

Opening the Auto Dialers

During our trips, we do see a lot of these little nonsense. They were either thrown on the floor or junked since they tend to get destroyed easily when connected to the telephone line. I hated these little devices but the customer loves them because it offered cheaper phone calls. Still, I would be the first person they would call when the phone lines are down, which is usually due to these devices

Now I know why. There does not seem to have any proper
protection from line surges. For this model, there are a lot
of transistors and a blobbed custom chip

On this model however, the same still apllies but there is
something of interest here....

Its a Microchip PIC! But then again, its most probably
fuse protected so I cannot use it for my own projects.
Moreover, since its SMT, taking it out from the PCB
the normal way would most probably destroy it
anyway. I could salvage the LED holders and also
the jacks but my Boss has other plans