The Power of a Wife

After my current waist pouch broke (since last year), I really needed to get a new one. The problem with the waist pouches are that they use zips. And I hate zips

This is because I need to open and close them at an average of five times a day. In less than a month, it broke. So, my quest to look for another waist pouch began. And after more than a year, I finally found one. I wanted one that does not rely much on zips. And sling bags are out of the question, eventhough it looked cool. What I needed was a small bag, which has a flap. And you can close and open the flap via a plastic catch or velcro. No stupid magnets or fancy wancy metal catchs. So, I began to look for something like that. And boy, the prices were above RM75. Ouch!

Anyway, while we were in S&M Arcade, I finally found it. Or so it seemed. It fitted the criteria of being a pouch bag and it has minimal zippers. But it also looked like something from some Military outfit as there is an additional strap to the thighs. But what was interesting was the two small pockets on both sides which I can carry my two mobile phones.

So, where does my Wife come in? You see, when I first asked for the price, it was RM60. Then after my wife finished her shopping, she came with me, the price was RM59. And further haggling (by her) the price reduced to RM50. She wanted RM45 for it eventhough the sales assistant assured her it was marked down from Rm99. Anyway, since it was raining, I told her, RM50 is good enough. And she relented.

So, here it is. There is one big pocket for my tools,
the smaller on under the flap will be for my PDA
and the two side pockets would be for my 2 mobile phones

The pouch is big enough, even for my
FujiFilm Finepix S5500 camera

I liked it but the damn thigh strap is
pulling everything downwards

Filling in Daddy's shoes

Every parent would like their kids to fill
in their shoes but Kristine is taking it a bit too literally

S&M Arcade

So, here we are, at the S&M Arcade. There is a reason why I needed to go there today, after our Wesak Day at Brickfields. You see, I received an E-Mail which tells me that there is a huge Clearance Sale in S&M Arcade as the new owner wants all the stalls vacated by 15th May.

I needed to find if its true or not since another source has verified my news. Also, there is a History for me because when I was still schooling, I used to go to Kota Raya next door and eventually, S&M Arcade. Whatever anime stuff I needed, it was there. VCDs, CDs and also DVDs, its there. And after that, I can go across the street to Petaling Street. Such was my weekly Saturday activty, which starts from Pasar Road to Sungei Wang to Kota Raya and Petaling Street (by walking, la). So now, after this weekend, there would be no more S&M Arcade. This would be my last visit to that place. And like always, I still did not get even one DVD. So sad.

(After speaking to one of the sales assistant in there, the story is that: The original owner wants the building back, and whatever their plans are, they do not want these shops in there. So, everyone is trying to clear their stocks and recoup as much as they can as they're not sure where they will end up. Some already have their own shops, though)

OK, this is the place. And the name S&M has nothing to
do with the OTHER S&M, OK?

This is the entrance to the Basement Level
Already, you can see a lot of activity there

Young girls and women all busy buying up their
favourite Korean VCDs while the boys and men
went to the Anime DVDs

It was really really crowded and the notice is there

Here you go, they're moving to 31, Jalan Petaling
in Chinatown

Price reduction from RM99 to RM39 is too good to resist.
But unfortunately, everyshop has their own long lines of
customers waiting to pay. So, I had to give up and join up
with my Wife on the First Floor

And on the First floor, some of the stalls have closed
Customers are buying stuff left, right and centre

Cutesy stuff, that is

But some, has no customers at all

But this large shop that sells a lot of those
"Made in China" stuff are doing brisk business

Get what you want and get more what you need
No one cares if everything falls to the floor
Because its 50% off on all things!

I've waited for this cigarette lighter for almost 5 years
But I was a bit too late to get the blue ones. Sadly, this
was the last lighter which I was lucky to find, under the pile

On the Third Floor, the Supermarket is already in a bad state

The shelves are slowly being emptied

Whetever that is not being sold,
is being cleared

Just like these shelves

"Thank You. Please come again"

On our way back, eventhough its raining the "lekor" stall
is still there. Normally, the lekor are sold in thick strands but this stall
sells them in another version, the thin crispy version.

Yeah, the rain was heavy. See the river swelling?

Central Market 2006

OK, so we decided to drive into KL's Kota Raya area. One of the worst traffic related stress for me. We wanted to use the LRT to get there but looking at the clouds, it could rain any time. So, we parked at the Central Market because by looking at the traffic, even at 2 in the afternoon, chances are, there would be no parking spot in the Kota Raya basement.

Much has changed since we came here in 2005

But the "keropok" (crispy stuff) stalls are still there

The place is now full of artistic stuff

Everything speaks art

You can buy whatever you need in almost every stall

Just in case you really need do your own artsy fartsy stuff.....

Wesak Day @ Brickfields

Today is Wesak Day, which is a Public Holiday. Ever since we got married, we started to come here for our blessings. There would be a lot of devotees as well and not only is today a hot day, it is also very important day for Kristine as this will be her first time here.

Bloggers suanie and angelfire were there as well but time was too short for me to introdude myself properly. And no, I am not going to put up their photos without their permission. Yes, I could get killed that way.

As soon someone starts to put in a coin, others
woud rush over as well

Once there are no more "donations",
they would go back to their resting place

Yes, today is a hot day indeed

But this poor woman is not so fortunate as
she was crawling on the floor towards the shades

Nothing is stopping him

Some NST reporters

This NST guy is literally everywhere

Even at the fountain

My wife sent me to light the candles and burn the joss sticks
My arms got burned from all the candles laid by the aunties

Yeah, they're everywhere

Wife tying a blessed item on her husband's wrist

This is the most wonderful thing there
You WILL always want to stand there

Brisk sales at the candle section. Ha ha ha ha

Outside, there are lot of stalls

I was tempted to a lot of stuff a the stalls

People were everywhere

And so were the beggars

Fortunately, there were crowd control
to keep things fine and dandy

Unfortunately, some did not pass the quality control

I was tempted to order one but wife noticed the bowls
and stuff were dunked into a pail of water which was
from the melted ice. And the though of recycling came to mind