The Shockgun

While packing my remaining stuff, I found back one of those Playstation guns which I have bought (and forgot) in the late 90's. They call this the Shockgun (no, not shotgun) and its very nice. Almost like a small shotgun.

So, in the box, you have the gun itself, the paddle (for those games which requires you to reload), cables, and power supply. I am not sure why they need a power supply but then when they first came out, guns like these are pioneers. Unfortunately, after the initial batch, it stopped.

I think when I have the time, I am going to cut the cables away and then modify it to have my own lights and sound.

The Shockgun, and the grip underneath the barrel
can slide in and out just like a real shotgun

A closer look

Even the sights are nice and look the business

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