Lucky I did not fart

Kristine was her usual self, jumping about, running and screaming all over the place today. And since I was still trying to recover from more than 30 hours of driving, I decided to take a nap. When I woke up.................

She wanted to try the hammock again, eventhough
she has out grown it. So, Mommy had took Kaelynn

When I woke up, Kristine was already flat out from
her activities and slept next to my .......... butt
Luckily, I do not fart when I sleep
(OK, not that I know of, anyway)

She looked to beautiful when asleep.

But once she starts to wake up, pandemonium

TM's iTalk

I hated this poster. It looked as if someone tried to
lighten up the model's dark complexion

Kaelynn's Progress

Five days had passed since I last saw Kaelynn and I was suprised at her progress. She has started to move about, using her hands to push herself forward or even roll her body about to get where she wants. Which is usually where all the newspapers are

Compared to Kristine at that age, she was still trying to figure out how to use her legs to push herself.

Kaelynn loves newspapers for some unknown reason

And big sister Kristine can't take it anymore
because there is now, someone else who can
be more destructive than her.