RM2.70 per litre

I did not hear about the price rise until about six in the evening on the radio. By that time, it was too late to turn back or find another alternative route as all the roads were exceptionally jammed up. This is so stupid.

The Government could have announced it after eight in the evening or later. Imagine the chaos it created where the congested road were mixed with the evening rush and now, worsened by the long queues at the petrol station.

But just to save what? The 78sen increase to RM2.70 per litre is a lot. But this would mean I would save RM10 or so if I filled up now. Jesus Christ. All that one and half hour of queuing just to save that much? I don't care about the rebates and all when renewing road taxes.

Like all Malaysians, we cannot see beyond what is today. So, for the past few months, the Government has announced about reducing or changing the fuel subsidy where the general public would go, "Ho-Hum". But once the price announcement about petrol/rice, etc. increase, everyone would rush over to get it. Dammit to Hell. I can tell you, this is fodder for the Pakatan Rakyat and also fuel for more violent demonstrations to come.

And in reality, I don't give a hoot about looking at the big picture and all that shit anymore as I am very angry. Angry about it being my fault. And yours and the Country as a whole. Why? Because we did not vote enough to get rid of Barisan National.

I mean, which kind of moron would say its a win-win situation when all we got was a pair of rocks in the sea?

And I can tell you, some fucking moron would also say, our petrol prices are still the cheapest in the region. What? You mean we have to compete to be the most expensive? Give me a break la.

Come the next election, Barisan National would LOSE and I would make sure it stays that way even if Pakatan Rakyat performs abysmally.

And it took me two hours to get home on a normal 40 minute route!

Ha ha ha ha! This is so funny and yet, so TRUE!