Philips Tornado

So, last week, Carrfour was having an offer for these Philips lights. Originally, they were selling for RM27.00 for these 23-Watts (125Watt equivalent) but for that week, the price was RM17.00 only. So, we bought about 10 of these 20-Watts bulbs in Warm White colour (as the Cool White was too harsh for the eyes)

A weird thought came to my mind. If these devices saves 80% energy compared to one incandescent bulb (dunno the wattage, though), I can buy four more! This means, for every one normal bulb, I can have five. Ahahahahaahhahahahaha! (Yeah, right)

However, there is a problem. Almost all the bulbs we use in our house has bayonet sockets and these Philips bulbs are screw-on types. So, I either have to change all these fittings to fit the Philips or try to look for a converter. I do not have this problem when going for Osrams.

But one this for sure, compared to a normal bulb, these bulbs take a while to "warm up". The moment you switch them on, they will glow for a while before reaching full brightness (The 23-Watts are very very bright). But I do not mind as:

1) Just like the fluorescents, they are not that hot
2) And they are light enough for my Photography Booth Projects

This is the 23-watt Philips Tornado

This is the screw-on to bayonet socket converter

This is how they looked after the conversion

This is the part where I say, "I am screwed"
as I cannot put the lamp cover back on since
the bulbs are jutting out with the converter in