Iron Man II Preview

OK, we finally made it. After office hours, I had to wait for two more colleagues to rush home and take their bath before we start out journey. Because it was raining, the evening jam at Kota Damansara was very bad. Not only did I waste one hour there, I lost a lot of petrol too, no thanks to the stop-go action in the jam with the air-con on as well.

Anyway, Richard promised me the free tickets since I modified his toy Arc Reactor and the costume. Still, I would like to put it on record that I would like to remove the white plastic cap in the costume and put in my Modified Arc Reactor to make the costume stand out more.

These two guys were happy as heck.

Because just after the movie, someone cut the credits
to show us the end parts. And then, War Machine and
Iron Man appeared.

Yeah, the crown went nuts!

The Repulsor
After showing this to Richard, (and he did not laugh), he advised me to put it on, something which I did not understand until the end of the movie. By the time the costumers came out, I was a bit embarrassed to show mine but after a while, everyone knew what it was and I was not shy at all. So, for the rest of the night, I showed everyone my working repulsor.

Egged on, I went down there and showed my Repulsor
along with the guys. And we took lots of photos, thanks
to Peter who took mine for me. See the yellow Arc on
the left? I did that but I wished it was brighter & white.

Although you can't see it, but Iron Man's eyes were lit with white EL (I think) while War Machine's was RED. Later on, I had to help War Machine down the stairs with the 'One, Two' buddy step system because they could not see at all in that costume. By the time I took the guys back to their homes and took my shower, it was already half past one in the morning.