Renovation 101

So you really want to know more about renovations? Today's fun lesson is how to demolish walls and hide your belongings in a hole......

Find a nice little hole in the wall and stack your big Lego blocks
It is also a good time to hide your World toothpick collections in there
Make sure the cement is dry before you try to lean on it

Get someone to cover it up, preferably someone who does not speak a word of English
so that if it goes wrong, you can blame it on Language Barrier ans start all over again

Get another, staff to mix more cement and add more items in there so that you look very busy
(When you actually have sneaked out for a drink)

While waiting for the other side to dry, you can continue on this side
Get a nice staight beam to smoothen things up.
(If you're parking by the hour, a ruler does not help)

While waiting for the cement to dry, you can tear down the plaster walls with a hammer
(or a screwdriver if someone has taken your hammer away)

Make sure you stack the walls AWAY from the wet cement

And get the Boss to sweep the debris

I too, have nothing to say on this