Two Kids and a Playstation

As a father, I have a duty to make sure my kids have enough education and I would do my best to make sure they have a headstart in life. And so, after months of deliberation, I decided to start them young on their coordination skills. And what better tool than to use a Playstation as advised by her Kindergarten teacher during the last parent teacher meeting. (Ha ha ha)

To start with, the Playstation used to belong to Loctor Mayat which he gave to me last year. And it took me quite an effort to locate old Playstation games since they have gone obsolete. And the PS2, is the minimum standard now. But I am ready to buy it even if its the same price as a PSP. And I am not going to buy that one either. Yet. Anyway, after hitting the jackpot in Pudu, my kids get to enjoy the wonders of one of their Daddy's vices.

So, we started out with some Mickey Mouse learing in school thing before they got bored and advanced to Spiderman. I was enjoying myself looking at their hypnotised faces, staring into the TV. Apart from fighting over the (only working) controller and trying out the controls, I could say, the introduction went well. And so, this only happens during Sundays, an hour before bedtime. I just want Krsitine to be more hand-eye coordinated (and not become violent) after playing with the Playstation.

Thanks to Loctor, the girls now know that there are other things apart
from Ben10, Barney the Purpl Dinosaur and PowerPuff Girls

And also, by now, one of them would have figures out which controller
is not working. Actually, think its more to do with oxidised connectors.
Maybe I should scout for new controllers and more memory cards.....

Have you contributed your CNY monies?

Tech: Boss, I kena saman just now.
Me: See? Told you not to drive so fast. Anyway, what happened?
Tech: I got saman-ed for driving too slow in the fast lane.
Me: Hah? Like that also can? You pulling my leg again?
Tech: No lah. The saman spot me just after Bangi and then got stopped by the Pajero in Seremban R&R.
Me: So, this is real (after reading the ticket). What can I say?
Tech: But I was not driving slow la, I was doing a 130.
Me: You fucking sor-hai! Tell me, what type of van you're driving? Commercial, right?
Tech: That's what he said too
Me: If you drive on the fast lane, its a no-no for commercial vehicles. If you drive at 130, its still a no-no for commercial vehicles. Shows you're forgetting your lectures already.
Tech: The cop said the same thing too.
Me: You're damn fucking lucky you did not get two samans. (one for speeding, one for wrong lane)
Tech: Oh well, hope my friends can help me on this.
Me: Yeah, hope so too. Or Big Big Boss is going to be pissed off. From now, stop speeding and don't tailgate, OK.

Tiltshift Photography

Ever notice that when you go into macro mode to take photos of your model/toy/trinkets/ku-ku ciao, etc., the subject is sharp in the middle while the rest of the image is blurred. In the end, you got what you wanted.

But what if you purposely want to take a normal image and turn it into that very shot? There are some techniques both in software and real photography. But since I am too busy and too cheap to either, I went to this Tiltshifting site, just for fun. Ha ha ha ha!

Just for fun, I took this photo to be used on that site. I just uploaded it, and
did some changes and after some time, voila! (I mean, see below, la)

The site lets you download the modified photo and this is how it turned
out. Almost look like a model, right? Maybe if I did this in black and white....

Angry or speechless?

I don't get it. When my driving license expired a week ago, I went to the nearest Post Office only to find the smiling cheerful staff putting the "JPJ Off-Line" sign. The next day, it was the same. And then the next day, in Seremban too.

So, I've had it and decided to go to JPJ dircetly since I have a customer nearby on that day. Driving without a valid license really makes me more careful on the road. No more "chasing" after cop cars and also, look at them when driving side by side. My number at that time was 385 against 272. Anyway, after waiting for more than an hour and also got struck by a chinese conversationalist, it was my turn.

Me: Hi, I need to renew my Dirving license.
Her: You have a photo with you?
Me: Huh? I need a photo? I don't have one.
Her: That's alright, I'll just give you one without a photo, then
Me: OK, this (current licese) is my favourite handsome face.
Her: .........
Me: How much for one year?
Her: RM30
Me: OK, I'll take two years, any discount?
Her: he he he he (quietly laugh in a polite way)
Me: I mean, get one year and the other year is free?
Her: No, sir. Cannot la. So you want one year or two?
Me: OK, two, then. Thanks.
Ziiiip, zop, zieep, zaaap.
Her: Here you go, sir. Thank you.
Me: Bye

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, I got my livence in less than 40 seconds. Sheesh. I waited for more than an hour only for a 40 second service. Dunno whether to laugh or cry, I tell you. Usually, when I go to these "Government" places, it would take ages. Ages to wait for your turn to snail to the counter and ages to be served when you do not have the correct documentation. And here, because their computers are all "On-Line" everything was done at lightning speed.

Ah, now I can decribe the feeling: It like you walking miles and miles to the only MacDonalds in town and queue in line for a Big Mac and it was served to you in just under 10 seconds. I mean, you got what you came for but well, you know what I mean.