Kristine and the Lantern

When I came back, Krstine was playing with her lantern. A few days ago, she wanted one and so Mommy bought one for her. Unfortunately, she played with it for a few minutes before losing interest. This was because the lantern looked beautiful from far and when she realised that she has to carry it and there is a candle, she sort of lost interest. Or maybe it was because I kept taking pictures and everyone sort of joined in. HA ha ha ha ha

Kristine thought the lantern was made of fireworks...

After too much attention, she decided to ......

Abandon everything, even her favourite bike

And so, the lantern was sadly ignored
(when it happened to me, I acidentally burnt mine)

Beware the Telecom Man

Never ever disturb him when he is working on his
Torpedo. You might have crossed lines. OK, I was
so tempted to pass by and then throw a whole bunch
of jumper cables at his. This might confuse him or
even make him panic......