Bak Gua time!

Oho! See this Kenari full of goodies? Every year, I will order some bak gua (BBQ slices?) from a Forummer (eggtart) before the Chinese New Year. He is doing all this in the name of charity. What they did was to buy the stuff, BBQ it themselves and then sell it. The profits would then go to charity. And one good thing is, these (I call them) loong yuk are quite soft and delicious. Something
which would cost a lot on the streets.

There are a lot of other members who are buying and just last night, Subang Jaya was the "distribution point". After collecting mine, I also took a box for kktan who will distribute it to the Southern (Johor) members. Mine was three packs of pork and one pack of chicken plus two cases of pineapple tarts. The damage is quite significant but its worth it when friends and families come visiting.

Mine's on the left and kktan's on the right