01102011 Trip to KK

More cleaning this time, as usual but apart from that, there are some repairs that needed to be done as well. I mean, this place has been neglected for a few years and so, this means that we have not used the place for years. There were a lot of things on the list which we really need to do and each one of them is a potential gross-puking experience. For example, this is the nicer one of the lot.

Take for example, this sink trap which
has blocked. In other words, we have a
blocked sink.

The solution is not to use the normal rubber plunger
but to buy a replacement. In other words, the old
trap is too dry and dirty.

In the meantime, the girls are at
their usual self. In other words,
dey are a-running & screamin'

Since the repairs took a long time, we had to
go to some food court for lunch. In other
words, I did not RTFM for the sink trap.

Anyway, the food was delicious and so was the
drinks which has above average taste. In other
words, yuck.