Riding the storm

Yep, this is it. How can I describe the feeling........

You've made your favourite cup from coffee with beans from some obscure place which no one has ever heard of. So, the coffee smells good, feels good and looks good. But once you drink it, it has the consistency of sand and tasted more like curdled milk. And that cup was meant for your Boss who is now screaming for his cuppa hours ago.

So what went wrong?

All of us were at the customer's place the whole day and can't figure it out. And tomorrow, the ordeal continues yet again, where if we can't solve this by Monday, heads are going to roll. My other team is still at another site, where the job must also be done by tomorrow, with me putting the finishing touches in the afternoon. My other colleague also has problems of his own, with his Dad critically in the Hospital while he is with his 2 week old daughter. Sigh.

Stupid proverb of the day:
If you did not butter your bread, you won't know which is the right side up when it falls