The most expensive Air Asia flight

My flight was 0710 and I missed it. Yep, this is the first time in my life that I have missed a flight. I mean, I woke up hours earlier and prepared everything. I even made sure I had enough time for the check-in too.

Unfortunately, my stomach disagreed with the breakfast (Tuna on bread) at home. So, after the necessary emergency bowel discharge at the airport toilet, I was 6 minutes too late. And I had to buy another ticket which is for the 0945 flight to Kuching. And it costs me RM270. And I forgot my credit card......

You can walk around and take photos in the plane

And here comes the foodie cart where you can buy
delicious things to stuff your face

The menu (and price) is very reasonable
But after paying for the second ticket, I did not have enough