Driving a Camry

Today was a big day for me because... I get to drive Boss's Camry! Woa-ha-ha-ha!

To cut a long story short, we had to go to the Airport to pick up a visitor (no, not those with lizard skins like from the TV) and I was the designated driver. Which makes sense since I do not know them and talking Star Trek with them throughout the journey might make them go suicidal.

What I like about the Camry is not because its a big car but its cream interiors. Driving it is nice but because its a big car, I cannot get it to accelerate like what I can do with my Bengmobile. It builds up speed gradually and at high speed, it gives you that quiet sense of security and comfort when you are driving at 60 even though the speedo says its 110. Since its not my car, I did not test out the sound system nor pop the hood. If I were given the choice to choose between a Camry and a Mercedes, I would go for an Evo X. Ha ha ha ha!

The display is quite nice but somehow, I was expecting it
to have some digital elements in it.

And here is the centre console which, is quite nice for
a Camry. I was sort of expecting some touch-screen
interface here, and maybe, even a reverse camera.

But what really amazed me was the foot-pedal hand brake.
Honestly, I have never seen this before. It took me quite a
while to familiarise myself with the car before starting. I
have handled a right handbrake (1965 Volvo), the usual
left ones and a
pull and twist (Toyota Hilux 4x4) but
never a step on. So, just like a Vios's centre console,
this really needs time to adjust but once you get used
to it, its quite nice, actually.