And so with the Kuih Teo Chew safely in the car with me, we can show our faces. The main reason was that the girls's Favourite Aunt from Australia has arrived for a visit and this time, with her husband, John. It was also a relief for me, esp for my Wife as now I have solved the problem of the 'Pot Luck' dinner.

Uncle John showing the girls how to draw a Dolphin

Man, sometimes, i wished I could cook.

This is one segment of the table, people.

But all I was interested was the Kui Teo Chew which Wife took and well, it disappeared somewhere among the other food

This is delicious. And it is quite a taste to behold. You know I am talking about the special shili sauce, right? Right?

I forgot what Wife told me, but this simple looking dish is very expensive and took many hours to make. It was done by the Tmn Seputeh Restaurant.


Ah, finally, the most important family photo of all, this time with Uncle John....