Holiday in Cameron Higlands Pt. II

We woke up to a beautiful morning. The Sun was at its best and there were no rain clouds in sight. After a quick breakfast, it was decided that the activity for the day would be to visit the (any) Butterfly farm, Cactus Valley, and other stuff which could be interesting along the way. Depending on everyone, we might even stop for some strawberries if we have the time since today is a great day. And this time, we're going to eat out, try the local cuisines, even if there is a KFC nearby.

Would you look at that! Bright Sunlight!

By the time we got ready, it was
almost one hour. Here, we made
sure Kristine had her breakfast

And Kaelynn is all dressed up.
She is growing up so fast that
her pants have trouble keeping
up. Ha ha ha ha! Fatty!

Just after Brinchang, there were some Butterfly farms. We decided
to enter the Butterfly Garden instead as it sounded nicer. Since we
had to pay entrance fees, my parents decided to go look for plants
and some cute cactus nearby.

In the Garden, there were a lot of butterflies. In fact, they're all
over the place! Apart from butterflies, there were other things
to see in case the two girls got bored halfway through.

Its difficult to shoot anything with the two girls in tow.
I wanted to shoot some butterflies but its not easy to
change to zoom lens when everyone was everywhere.

Kristine's jovial mood was dampened when she heard the turkey
gobbling for the first time. And all of a sudden, the happy trip is
now, a terrifying trip. Even the rabbits they looked forward to,
did not help the situation.

Nor some of the chameleon insects I tried to show them.
For the rest of the tour, they were grabbing our hands
and almost in tears in everything they saw.

I tried to show them the tortoises but with a dead butterfly in
the water, it was not a happy sight either.

Then I tried to show them some reptiles but they screamed louder
and louder. Which also means its the end of the trip to the Butterfly
Garden for the day. Ha ha ha ha ha!

This is the sight I saw outside the Garden and its everywhere. Almost all
the hills are used for planting and with the front end as the shops, etc.

By Midday, we stopped at the Rose Valley (to see what's in the Valley, la)

Again, there is a small entrance fee so we did not go in but hung about
the two entrances, taking some family pictures.

Coming back to Brinchang, we had lunch. And while waiting for the
food to be cooked, I decided to have some photos printed. At RM1.20
per photo, I think I could spare a few ringgit. But unfortunately, when
I plugged in my Nikon's SD card, it took minutes to upload a picture.
This is bad because by now, I have shot about 260 pictures and so,
after more than 20 minutes, I gave up and just selected the 15th shot.
And it came out in less than 5 seconds. Sheesh.

And all of a sudden, we start to notice that there are a lot of flies.
And these flies are very very brave. Seconds after you shoo them,
they would return and most of the time, when you're waving your
hands, you would actually hit into one of them.

And after lunch, it was time to see some cactus
at the Cactus Valley just behind the Star Regency
Hotel (or literally, just across the road from our
Lunch). Note the long road into the whole place.
You can even drive your car up the steep hill.

We entered the wrong place, to the Strawberry Farm
instead of the Cactus because of the long "road". This
one is free but to go into the Cactus Valley, you'd have
to pay as well.

Anyway, since we're at the Strawberry Farm, we decided to hang about
for awhile. One thing I like about the farm, apart from the way they
planted the strawberries, is the small fish pond. They also do sell food
such as strawberry sundae, strawberry ice-cream, straw....oh, you get
the picture. Unfortunately, we did not go there in case the girls went
nuts with the food, which is a bit too much for my wallet.

Believe me, this is the best picture of the lot. Its not easy to get them
both to look into the camera and smile at the same time.

And this is how they planted tomatoes too. Not a bad idea as this saves a lot
of land and soil. So, in the same plot of land, you'd have a higher yield.

We were surprised that Kaelynn likes to kiss tomatoes.

After our brief jaunt at the Strawberry Farm, we went back to the Cactus
Valley. The entrance is a bit difficult for us to locate but in the end, its just
a supermarket turnstile right next to the toilet. Oh, and to enter the toilet,
you just drop in 20 sen at the rusting tin can. You CAN not drop the coin
but with everyone at the shop (who could be watching you), would you
dare to take that chance? Ha ha ha ha!
Anyway, this is one of the spots I liked because of the lighting.

As usual, there were a lot of flowers in the valley but there is another
spot which I loved. This is the place where you come out of the "flowers"
section and go across the bridge to where the cactus are. Here, this is
the small tunnel-like path which opens up to a shaded area where you
can sit down and just, well, sit down. I think I should have brought some
Baileys, a radio, a pillow and sit there the whole day.........

Lots of cactus. Ho-hum

And more cactus. Zzzzzzzzzzz

Coming back to the shop, I wanted to take this picture of the flower
but my settings were wrong and it turned out crap.

Still, this is the first time I see a pitcher plant up close. Maybe I
should have bought one for when go out to the restaurants. It
might help get rid of the flies. Ha ha ha ha!

And for dinner, we have some Steamboat.
Again, the flies were everywhere. Really.
Still, the hot soup really kept us warm
for the whole night. And, Oh, I amazed
Kristine with the "Smoke from the mouth"
trick since it was so cold outside after
the steamboat dinner. Ha ha ha ha ha!

I bought some "Snap" and "Happy Family" cards for the girls
to play before bedtime. Suffice to say, most of the cards have
gone missing the next morning. Oh well.