The loss of a friend

When your friend is beside you, you feel comfortable and play with them. You will be so used to them always being there for you and helping you, its as if they're part of you. Through thick and thin, they're always there. Yet, when push come to shove, sometimes, there are things they cannot help you with and vice versa. Sometimes, when they're in trouble, it is up to you to make the right choice.

And you'll still take them for granted.

When I look back, I really missed my friend who passed away more than two weeks ago. On the Eve, he was fine and being his usual temperamental self. But on the next morning, he is gone. It was so sudden because no one would have expected this to happen. I thought of rushing him to the Hospital but on second thoughts, since he is gone, no point wasting anything on him anymore.

I knew him about three years ago, just when Kristine was about to be born. Our friendship sort of developed from there. And from the moment we got our assignment, he was really professional about his work. The dedication in him inspired me to work harder. He is the sort of person who never gives up and sticks to the job right to the end. But somehow, as time goes on, we would all age and grow tired.

He had an attack last year and after his recovery, he was not his usual self. He grew temperamental and sometimes makes you wonder if he is as focused as he was years ago. So, it was time for him to go and we could not do much to ease the pain.

Without him nowadays, I feel quite empty. Even the smiles of my Wife and children could never shake off the memory as we shared our lives with him too. So, farewell, my friend, I will really miss you. And all I could say is,

Goodbye, FujiFilm, Hello, Nikon.




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