Kristine's Art Age: 3++

She can now (confidently) write her own name!

The one with the most toys

Over the years, both girls have been given/bought a lot of soft toys. Most of which are usually "treasured" for a while before being forgotten while one or two would be their most valuable possession. But because these are soft toys which are usually hugged, lugged around, thrown about, stomped on, etc. they are very dirty within a very very short time.

And when is it their best friends? When it comes to bed time, or going out in the car. If the toys are not with them, then it would be pandemonium which ends up with us looking for the soft toys. And also, when it is time to get them washed. Imagine the chaos when we can't let them have it back while its in the washing machine or hung out to dry. Ha ha ha ha ha.

This is why Kaelynn looked so happy. Her favourite
is the one which Kristine rejected.

And this is why Kristine looked so unhappy. Most of
her toys which she "threw" away, now belongs to her