Merdeka Installation

OK, so the customer did not want to have the system installed on Merdeka at the last minute. And just this morning, we installed the system there and then. It was a lot of work because all the contractors were there as well, trying to complete their job before the weekend is over. And since today was Saturday, the streets were quite empty except we keep hearing police sirens a few times for every hour. Anyway, by afternoon, our job is done and well, we have to continue on Sunday for testing every points and perform minor relocations, etc.

But in the afternoon, I forgot all the food hawkers are
closed and the only place nearest was Subway. This
sandwich costs me RM19.90 and I had a hard time
swallowing it. Ha ha ha ha

Here is a clue where I was working

Just to mount the PABX is simple but the cabling
for all the extensions must be checked which takes
a lot of time. And we have not even gone into reprogramming
Its not easy as most of the tables are not complete nor were
the telephone points wired up. Added to that, most of
the users did not take their phones out for us to connect
and test.

Later after we finished on Sunday, we went back only
to be called back late at night because another PIC
wants to make sure his department were up and ready
even though most of his staff did not have their phones
put on the desk as we requested. By the time it was done,
it was already past midnight. I felt like climbing to that ledge
kick the cigarette bin and then leap three floors down and
take MC for the rest of my life.


On the way back, KK has a lot of lights set up, which I think was by Gamuda. OK, it was there weeks ago but I just wanted to mention it. Just driving through that stretch with the orange/yellow lights lining up on both sides was wonderful. And as the kids watched with awe, it was breathless.

Sorry, but I could not adjust my Fujifilm to give you the
correct colours. Well, not when you're sitting on the middle
of the road divider with cars coming very close at you

One of the light trees. This is also to show
that my Fujifilm cannot focus sharply anymore

50th Merdeka

Today is 31st of August, 2007, which is also the 50th Merdeka. Big deal. Nothing much to celebrate because after last night's trip, I was pretty zonked out. But, duty is duty. If Boss (wife) wants to go out, I have to go out. This time, we're going to visit Mom-in-law and they're cooking Assam Laksa. Wowee.

Yeah, its clear skies and everything nice. All the way

And Kaelynn is able to hold her own bottle now

Kristine is a bit more tolerable towards her little sister

And there was peace throughout the day.........

[UPDATE] Oops. And I thought this boy/girl thing only happened in the movies. Damn shame now.

The trip up North

Just a day after my trip to Kuantan, I was needed to go up to Lumut. So, with nothing more than my tools, I drove all the way up. I had to leave the car empty as the customer will be coming back to KL with me. Still, it was a bit rushed and I will know that when I come back again, there will be paperwork piling up on my table. At the same time, in the evening, my techs will be dismantling a PABX in TPM which I will need to install on the first of September.

With limited time, this is the only lunch I could get.
I will be very high on the highway. Ha ha ha

And on the way back, my wife asked me to get some
anchovies. Luckily, the customer was able to help me
since I know nuts about which type is suitable for us
to make soups, porridge and even for deep frying
If I want them processed as in having thier heads
pulled off and their bodies split in half, it would
cost me more

But I can tell you, there are a lot of flies about.
You can see from every fly trap, its full of them
and those poor flies are still wriggling about

On the way back, I realised that it is Merdeka Eve
and luckily we're on the opposite side of the road as
the jams have started from Sg. Buloh all the way to
Sabak Bernam. The means hours on the road and no
toilet stops as most of the R&R I passed by earlier on
has been closed for renovation. It was a nice enjoyable
drive until a stupid black Honda keep flashing me as he
could not wait for me to overtake a lorry. So, I did the
usual E-Brake and he had to gall to slow down and look at
me as if I wasted his time. Ha ha ha ha ha ha