1/35 Landwasserschlepper

You know what? This is an ugly piece of machinery. If I had the chance to buy it, I would not. And if I had the chance to use it to run over cars in traffic jams, scare the cows and then escape through the nearest pond/river, I would not. If this was an Opposite Day, I won't even recognise it.

The Landwasserschlepper was actually a German Amphibious Tractor to be used by the Engineers. It was only produced in small numbers due to some manufacturing problems but was proved to be very effective for towing barges and ferrying supplies during low tides.

Alas, for me, initially, it was a horrible vehicle. It really looked like a school bus for army kids. But during the Sale, the price was so attractive, I got one. I could have bought two but then, I would get killed when I reached home. The reason why I got this was the idea in my mind to covert it into a rusting hunk of iron where some industrious fella used it for commercial purposes.

Again, this is from Hobby Boss. And the nearest
competitor is Bronco. But after seeing a few kits
from Hobby Boss, they are quite decent.

There are a lot of parts for this model and when
you open the box, you are will not be disappointed.

It even comes with individual track links, plus
a jig that lets you glue them realistically.

And for the attractive price its asking, the model is... big.
Its like going into a Toy store in 2012 and finding a rare
2007 toy at 50% while Mommy is not looking...

And so, you can guess the next stage where this is going, right?

No? OK,its going into the 'to-do' bin until I am free to tackle this. Hey, job comes first, right? Right?


Once in a while, Wife will make some nice sugary
treat, which is cool because well, I am too lazy to
make one myself eventhough it looks simple.

I suspect that this is one
of the ways to distract me
from shouting and scolding
the kids when I am not in a
good mood.

Hanging on to a conversation

While I was at the lights, I notice a very curious little boy in a taxi. He keeps popping out of the window and sort of distracting the driver on the left...

He tried many times to call to the driver

When he failed, the little boy started to 'wander'
around the window instead of getting back in.

Why did he look back? Was there another car or
a motorcycle coming towards him?

As the lights are ready to change, the cars are inching
closer and yet this little boy still do not want to get
inside the taxi.

And so, my thoughts were, at that time, what a little inquisitive cute little boy. And then I wondered, how he would look like when a speeding motorcycle passed by, decapitated him and splashed the blood all over. Cute, isn't it?

Because I wonder, why did the taxi driver or the other passengers not stop him? Will these people start to react only after something happened to the boy? These people are really asking for it, its as if its their actual natural genetic trait of getting into trouble or causing misery. Its right there, and there is not much of an effort for them,

I feel like getting out of the car and give them a scolding for letting the boy doing such silly stunts.