6th Day CNY: Visiting the NIL (Number One in Law)

Weekends are here and this would only mean one thing: Work starts next week.

Already we're disorientated with so many days off, we kept thinking today is Tuesday or tomorrow was Thursday and so on. And the things I wanted to do with the time off never materialised with the girls now wilder than ever. Haih.

Anyway, judging by past experiences, this would be the last family gathering for the moment. And so, all of us end this one with the visit to the first Sister in Law. We're going there for lunch and since its a potluck lunch, Wife wanted to get some cooked duck instead of making something in the kitchen. Its less messy and faster this way. And because its a day after the Nokia Maps 7-day trial license expired, the GPS now looked more like those tracker system in TV/Movies, where the red dot (as in, you) shows where you are while the map scrolls about. No more routes or voices nagging you to turn left or right, etc.

So far, with the GPS guidance on Nokia Maps, it is quite a useful tool as it can really get me where I needed to be. But because its a trial and with no other supporting software, I doubt I can edit my own maps or get it to learn alternative short-cuts. Just today, going to my in Laws in Sg. Buloh, the routes to their house is virtually non-existent; just a blank area on the map. GPS is useful but its not that everyday we use it. I can see that most of the time I would just log the coordinates as POI (Points of Interest) and see it show up on the map whenever I go near these places. But that's just it. I am not the kind who would go Geo-chacing or even be some guy who maps out new routes in my travels (OK, maybe I would if I have a good GPS software by then). But until then, I have the following choices:

1) Nokia Maps
Yes, I could go nuts and pay for a year's subscription (RM4-500). But its not a good idea since I would only use it about a few times a month.

2) Garmin XT
This is a good alternative. However, in its latest version, it is only applicable for Symbian phones which do not have touch-screen by actual physical buttons. And so, if I wanted to get it, I would also have to download the software virtual-keys. The good and bad is that it will work, and maybe I'll get a MalsingMap to go with it but I won't be able to search for any places properly. Oh, the original Malaysia Map for Garmin is USD129.99. And if I am not mistaken, you can use MapSource to edit the maps.

3) Sygic McGuilder v7.7
From the reviews, this is another nice alternative. However, after searching the whole night, I cannot locate the Malaysia/Singapore maps for it as the older maps/files does not work, I think.

Right now, I have to contend with it just being a basic GPS, like those you see on the TV/Movies where the maps scrolls all over the place but you (represented by the red dot) are stuck in the middle of the screen ...

The girls with their new dresses

This was taken next to while Wife was
waiting at the Duck King at JayaOne.
Never knew this place existed. But then,
I never go to this area often

The fountain at the car park is quite nice but since I "accidentally" I
paid the parking ticket, there was only enough time to get them
together for this shot. There are better scenery behind.

What a surprise! Wendy's is here! So, based on long forgotten reflex,
I went in and ...

Got this tub of Chilis. (Chili con Carne) which is great as a dip
But because we're rushing, I forgot to get a pack of tortilla
chips or any other chips. So, for lunch, I ended up eating most
of it since everyone have no idea what to do with it sans chips

Oh, its RM6.30 after all the tax, et al. I loved it and I farted non
stop until the next morning. Ha ha ha ha!

After the lunch, the girls started to play around which is not a good thing
as there were a lot of fragile things about. Here, Kristine is showing who's
the pushy one.

Then their other cousins showed up. And so, kinds being kids, all of
them crawled about.

Bored, they then turn their attention to the Hamsters, jumped onto the
chairs and started to knock on the glass. Imagine if they fell...

One of the four escaped hamsters. Note the bulgy front.

After catching it, I let Kristine pet her.

And not forgetting Kaelynn. Remember the
bulgy front, its the food stored in its mouth.
Here, it "vomited" everything onto my hand

As the afternoon progresses, the girls started on their new
game; fighting