Just swing it!!!

This time, I allowed Kristine to swing higher. The last time, she got so excited, she nearly fell off. Also, it was a good time to test out my borrowed camera (Canon Powershot A700) which I have to return soon, courtesy of one of my Best Men.

Jaundice Alert!! Part III

OK, so it happened to her as well. It was the same for Kristine when she first came out. we had to send her back to the Hospital for UV treatment. But for her, it was more like, "Should we go or not?" as every visit, the (same) Doctor told us that it was not necessary as she believed that it was Mommy's BF which made the baby turn yellow. So, her advise was to wean her off for two days and gave her formulas instead. And if we got "excited" then we would have to send her in on Sunday.

So, after exposing the baby to the Sun this morning, she was still yellow and my Mum decided to take her to the Hospital (for the third time) and the Doctor said her (blood thingy) went down from borderline to an acceptable level and there is now, no guarantee that the UV treatment would make it better. So, the next visit would be on this coming Tuesday.

Does she look yellow to you?

Well, she does and the whites of her eyes
is yellow

Grandma Sunning with the baby in the Sun

Things went downhill once we put on the makeshift
sunshade for her eyes and she woke up........