The Upgrades

I just found out that this car is really only two years old. And yet, it suffered so much in the wronf hands. Anyway, we found out that when we do a left turn, there is usually a cranking or scraping sound. We had to change the exhaust as it was rear-ended before.

We did this just a day before our trip to Kuantan. And my colleague did realise how the car was badly treated (by previous drivers la) there and then. Once all these were done, there were still the problems with the gearbox, the speedometer, the driver door, the side passenger door, the reverse sensor and so on.

The original exhaust (on top) and the new one at the bottom

The guy removing the butt end (its just a bolt)

And also, he is demonstrating why smoking is bad for you
Even for a car

There is no need for any welding. The exhaust is just bolted on

Oh, and we changed rims too as the original ones were bent or crooked
I was not my idea as I just told him I only had a puncture caused by
a very big knife/blade shrapnel

This is how it looked now, and my colleague was to tempted
to put in those spacers to make the tires wider

And throughout the trip, this got worse

Car incidents

[Belated post: 29.09.2006]
OK, this is a filler post of all the car related pics I took for the week

It is normal to advertise your car for sale by putting a Shell Helix
Engine oil bottle on the roof of your car. Then you can follow the
act with a note telling potential customers where to contact you

For this type of car, we call it Proton Saga. And because it was
so cheap, sometimes we call it Potong Harga (Cut price)
But Poto Saga?

This is a Juara (Champion) and not many people bought it

But this fella is so coinfident, he even had a sticker made:
[M. Shumacher Dream Car]

This is a very normal scene in Jalan Ipoh's Plaza Mutiara
People just like to double park as if its a common thing
When the Police came, you can see them rushing out

The rest were not so lucky. But minutes after the
Police left, things went beck to normal

On my way back to the Office, there was a slight jam on
this stretch, which is very unusual

Turned out that some lady knocked a Motorcyclist

And I can her her arguing with the fella loudly

They're both the same

[Belated post: 29.09.2006]
Jus this morning, I notice one thing. Both Kristine and Kaelynn are sleeping with their "hands up". Yeah, sometimes, I do to.

The many faces of Kaelynn

Kaelynn was sleeping the other day and so, I took out my camera............

Sometimes, when Kaelynn is sleeping, she smiles
And this was one of the time I got lucky

I am going to sleep now, after the delicious milky-milky

Yeahm Daddy is boring me to sleep with his off-key singing

Stop! Please stop singing!

I am really going to cry!'

What? You wan tot give me more milk?

Now, I am listening!

Are you going to give me the milk? Sure or not?