Stock for the Barricade

This is a stock from the NERF Raider which I got from eBay. I mean, for about close to RM160, I am not interested because there are only two things that I like in there and it has nothing to do with the gun. One is the stock and the other is the drum barrel. And so, off to eBay I go.

And so, after 10 days, it arrived. Barely able to
contain my excitement, I took a sneak look into
the envelope every now and then.

One good thing is that with the N-strike series, most of
NERF parts are almost interchangeable. The only
I noticed here is that the 'pole' end from the
Barricade isn't
long enough to enter into the stock all
the way. So, if I am
to play rough with it, the absense
of this reinforcement
'pole' will mean that the stock
could be permanently broken very easily.

Anyway, this is how the barricade looks now, with
the new stock. It shaping up to be some sort of
CQB (Close Quarter Combat) grenade launcher...
But it won't be so CQB friendly when it explodes.

The only problem (which is me) is that you can
easily extend the stock with a pull and there are
three locking settings. And to push it back, you
just press on the orange lever. Many a time, I
accidentally pulled it back because there is no
locking for it.

All I have to do now, is to look for a matching scope (its somewhere in the house) and then paint it black.... or not. But this will take some time as I need to find the correct Krylon Fusion paint which seems to be very rare here.

One fine day at some Menara

to tell you the truth, I don't remember parking in this Tower at all. Sure, I have been to Jalan Yap Kwan Seng quite a few times years ago but I don't remember using the stairs.

There are these funny signs on the stairwell and
it was written in english on alternate floors. This
is a bit unnerving because you seldom see this
type of notice.

I mean, if you keep using the stairs and
reading these on every floor, sooner or
later, you will believe something is about
to happen...

And sure enough. When i opened the door, I was
greeted with a big white Toyota which was parked
so near, I though it was about to crash into me....

Vegetarian Assam Laksa

For an impromtu lunch today, I decided to invite my colleagues to join me and Vee-chai. But one thing led to another and we all ended up in another colleague's car, heading towards Old klang Road. I have never been in a Hyundai Matrix going full speed with 6 people on board. Yes, I was scary because the car was going not less than 80Kmh. Still, it has a lot of torque which is great. And because of that, we arrived at the place in less than 15 minutes.

Because of the driving, I plainly forgot the name of the place but its on the direction towards Mid-Valley and just before the Buddhist temple. And to tell you the truth, this is a very nice Vegetarian restaurant.

Everyone was ordering Vegetarian chicken rice, Vegetarian Nasi lemak and so on but I ordered Vegetarian Assam Laksa. It was the last to come because they ran out of the laksa noodles and so, I let them add whatever else noodles they can find.

And when it arrived, it looked delicious.

You can see from the reddish soup that its
going to be very hot. But in actual fact, its
not. My colleague who tested the soup,
commented that its very nice and the
taste does not linger in the mouth, like
the normal Assam Laksa. Its very 'ching'

There were also two choices of chili, one is
the red one and the other, is the green one
which is supposed to be hot. Unfortunately,
both of them are just OK.

will i go back there again. Definitely. But I just hope they can speak other language apart from Mandarin.

Breakfast Spillover

Note to self. Stop tossing food as if they're
juggling balls. Or stop speeding around the
corners with Vee-Chai.