Birthday Party at the Barbie store

Today is a very nice day for Kaelynn because she was invited to her classmate's Birthday Party. At Mi-Valley. At the Barbie Store. Yeah, Barbie Store. So, since it was a Saturday, we have to make sure that we arrive early to beat the jam. And not only that, the party had to be done within that specified time booked just like the Clownhouse.

And so, Mommy took the two girls to the party. Its actually located at the floor above.

This is one of Kaelynn's classmate, which she easily dwarfs.

After the party, both girls showed off their tatoos. Kristine was not supposed to be in there but she pretend dunno. Mommy offered to pay for the extra pax but the host, I think declined. or maybe it was just my imagination. In my shoes, I would also shrug it off since its my kid's Birthday and all. But inside the heart....

She looks very nice with her hair done up like that

Closer look at the tattoo

Well, someone got a 'free meal' *ahem*

I can tell you, they preferred not to wash their hands for days if they can help it.

After that, it was lunch at the nearby Food Court.

Something new on the left, some Mango shaving thing next to the usual bland ABC

It was delicious and so, I let Kaelynn ate as much as she liked.

Kristine with the new 1.5 MyVi. Nice or not?

Just being plain rude

The plan today was for me to finish up my work and then meet up with my Wife in KK. This was because the electrician will be arriving at 11AM to fix the switch panel which was supposed to be fixed two weeks ago. Unfortunately, due to some unforseen events, I arrived late, about 1230 in the afternoon.

But the electrician did not come.

Luckily, on my way here, I bought a packet of Nasi Ambang for her. Halfway through her meal, he came. And me being not up to date with the Home Ministry, I asked if her was here to fix the Air-con.

What he answered was; "Do I look like the Air-con guy?". I let it go at that, not because he was an unsmiling 6 footer but because he has not fixed the switch yet.

And so, we waited for him to fix the switch, something which should have been done long ago. Why, I do not know. This is the switch we're using to install a water pump and also, another nearby switch for a light-bulb in the attic. My Wife told me he had come before, and was not in a smiling mood either. And after half an hour, with us helping him to switch the supply on and off, he said he will come back later as the switch was faulty. So, when my Wife asks him to commit to a time, he got all defensive and started to go at her.

1. He kept saying that this was my Wife's problem because he showed up at 10-something when clearly, it was 11Am. It did not help when my Wife was late as the girls were sick. (So, if he came and there was no one, why did he not call his Boss and get the matter sorted out with my Wife?)

2. The switch had a problem. Which is OK with us as we would gladly wait for him to come back o n the same day to get it done. But no, he has 100's of other jobs to do and he's alone doing all the crap. Monday is not a good time as my Wife told him she had to work. And we need to get it done before Tuesday before the pump comes. So, after a few to and fro, he lost him temper and started to avoid us. (I mean, why did he not bring two or more switches with him?) This is where I caould not stand it and threw the book I was reading on the table. This incensed him and he started to confront me. Right in my own house. As my Wife was there in between, I just bit my tongue while he ranted on and on, saying it was my Wife's fault and the switch's fault over and over again.

3. As he walked away, he threw the switch onto his van in disgust and I shouted at him which he got pissed off; "I am throwing this rubbish in my car, what's your problem? Tiu Lei Lo Mou!". That's when I was looking for a weapon to rush out, 6 foot or not, but well, Wife was there. So I really had to let it pass for the moment.

Later on, two hours later, he did not return and so we called his Boss, in a very nice but tersed voice saying that the job was not done. The Boss knew what happened even without asking and so, he sent another guy over, who did it in less than 5 minutes, even without having to cut the power supply off. And his PR skills was 1000 time much better.

But the time I came back he was leaving. Yes, I had to leave the place in case he came back and neither of us could not control ourselves. The second guy told us that this guy had problems with his temper. He once ran his own company but because of his temper, it was not successful. So, he now ends up working for other people. And he still has problems in the PR Department.

As for the switch, he is puzzled how it could be faulty. But then, I know the answer because I was like this first guy years ago... Right now, I do not feel any anger towards him anymore, but pity. Pity because Life and the Heavens did not show him how to change his attitude (or maybe he could not see the signs) while I had plenty of second chances...

At the moment, I will not name the shop because well, I just do not want to. Secretly, I am hoping you would be unfortunately enough to engage their services and then we can compare notes.

The kitchen people have completed the kitchen and also polished the tiles. This also means that the whole place is covered with dust.

After all the fiasco, luckily the Nasi Ambang was on the table, which sort of salved the anger a bit.

Man, I really love this Nasi Ambang.

So, while we're cleaning, we just stopped, took a bite and continued. Eventually, we had to sit down to eat it all.

Next problem was the girls's new discovery, which is the tie-wrap cables. Unfortunately, Kristine pulled too hard which tightened Kaelynn's wrist and her hand looks like its loosing colour. While we're panicking, she looked calm and bewildered.
So, while still panicking, and at the same time looking for a pair of scissors which has no sharp corners, does not contain lead, has stainless steel blades, safe for children and is ergonomically designed. Yeah, and the blade was right next to me, which I was so tempted to use it. But knowing my shaking hands under pressure, this act could result in another serious casualty.

Do you see the irony in this picture?

Dinner at the Clownhouse before we call it a night at Grandma's house.