The Need for ... things

Just like everyone else, we have ... things. Stuff or Belongings, if you like. Everyone has them and as time goes by, these ... things or inventory, will change, depending on its personal value at that very time and place. These ... things, will increase or decrease or even get lost over time too.

But for me own sanity, I cannot understand
how these two get so much ... things in such a
short time. And these are only a fraction of their
... things. Their ... things, makes you think.

And they even have a personal
trolley to carry it with.

Be nice to God

Let me tell you this again: Be nice to God.

Or invest in a good (sometimes expensive) Earthing system.

The reason why we need lightning arrestors or surge protectors here is because that in Malaysia, we have about 180 to 200 thunderstorm days. In other words, if you bought any outdoor equipment or one that connects to a phone line, do not expect it to last long. Unless you have some form of protection which can make make it last longer or until the warranty expires, whichever comes first. And you must also think of these protection device as expendable and also, must be replaced when its destroyed.

Which is better than having your equipment destroyed.

And so, I tried to replace the destroyed
components on one of these but I was
too rushed to replace the varistors as
well. In the end, it did not work. Should
have done the blue varistors too.