The crafty one

"Kristine! Come! I set up the CD already!" I yelled to her as she was still watching Astro and terrorising my Parents. I really forgot where this CD came from and I discovered that the software won't run unless the CD is there.

Anyway, after a fw minutes, Kaelynn came and wanted to try the program which I let her. She is still too young and the concept of using a mouse to navigate in a computer still escapes her. As I guided her hand, her grip is on the mouse and her tiny fingers pressing on the mouse buttons, not letting them go. The is then apparent that her hand and eye coordinations are still in its infancy. Nevertheless, the more time she spends with the Notebook, the more she will "learn".

Later, Kristine came down but was not happy because Kaelynn was at it instead of her. So she started by asserting her authority as big sister to get Kaelynn away from the computer. I put a stop to this as I told her that since she did not come as called, her time with the computer is null. And so, it goes to the next person: Kaelynn.

As I helped Kaelynn though the software, Kristine was by the side, ever so ready to "jump in and help" with the mouse clicking. Her aim is to "help" her sister by slowly gaining control of the mouse. Which again, I stopped her. Many times.

After that, I left Kaelynn to play with it in her own time but still keeping a close eye on Kristine.

Later on, Krsitine did asked Kaelynn if she is "finished" yet. "No"

So, she enticed her with a boquet of plastic flowers. Kaelynn took it
and the mouse is now automatically Kristine's. At once, you can see
the attitude changes when Kaelynn asked back for the mouse, "No.
Its mine, go away." So young and learnt that so fast.

Last cat standing

Ever played the game "King/Queen/Fag of the Hill"? How about "Last man/woman/it Standing"?. I am sure you have done this before, especially when you were in school. All it needed was just a small hill or a table. You start by standing on it, preening yourself and all, before your friends starts to get "jealous", somes up and push you off the hill. Sounds familiar, right?

Anyway, this is another version but played by kittens. Yeah, I am bored in the office today, of all days I do not have to go out.

How to make your soap last longer

(or, How to be Kamsiap)

a chinese word of the hokkien dialect.
2.Giving or spending reluctantly.
3.Scanty or meager: a stingy meal; stingy with details about the past.

- Hey, dont be so kiamsiap, its only a dollar.
- You're the most kiamsiap person in the world!

First month.
1. Buy one bottle (that comes with another free one, la)
2. Use the first bottle sparingly until it is half full.
3. Note: Never use more than one 0.8mm drop per hand wash per day. If you need to wash more than twice a day, go and use the ones at your customers, coffeeshop and petrol stations.

Second/Third month.
1. Fill the bottle with water until almost full.
2. Repeat process No.1#3.

Fourth month
1. Fill the bottle with water until half full

Fourth month three weeks.
1.Test if your hand still stinks from your bombing mission
2. If it is, open the second bottle and fill the first bottle until half full with the new soap and half with water.
3. Repeat process until two bottles are finished.But do not throw the bottles.
4. You can clean them and use them as ketchup/chili/wasabe/soy sauce/shampoo/etc. dispensers.

Six months later.
1. If the shop does not have the "buy 2 free 1" or "buy 1 free 1" offer, steal soap from your customers using the same bottles (that you mus have not thrown away). Worse, you can steal the diluted dish washer liquid soaps from most mamak and seafood restaurants, petrol stations. Never ever steal them from MacDonalds as you can get caught easily.