The Ice Balls

OK, by now, I am pretty sure the ice has formed. In fact, I am very confident that it was ready since yesterday. But today was the only time I was free. I mean, yes, I could just crack it open and then pour some water/Ribena/100plus/Coke/Pepsi/Kickapoo/Root Beet/F&N Grape/Coffee/Tea/Alphabet soup/.etc but I want this to be a bit different.

And yes, you can win a lot of snowball fights but you only have three shots.

And after thinking about it, I could have just make the ice balls with concentrated Ribena, water and pineapple chunks. Then, I would take them out and place it in a cup of 100 plus. As it slowly melts, it will slowly redden the 100plus and the pineapple bits might represent chopped up body parts. Yes, ues, its not even Halloween yet. But the Ribena/water is a good idea already.

And so, taking it out of the fridge, I noticed one
of the side had popped open. This means that
the ice is expanding after the water has leaked

And whoa! Ice Balls!

Yes, its quite big and what drink shall I used it with?

Amarula. Why not? The bottle's still
full after all these years and you
can come an join me anytime, K?

Oh no, no, no. Kaelynn cannot
have a sip after what happened
with the Shandy the last time.

Bubbles on a Sunday afternoon

There is one thing that sefffts the girls apart. I did not notice it at first until my Wife told me. When Kristine is bored, she will just laze around until she wears herself out. And expects things to come her way. But for Kaelynn, she is different. If there is nothing to do, and if she is not sleepy, she will find something to amuse herself. And just so, on this rainy afternoon, I caught her playing with her sister's toy bubble bottle.

And so, the bubbles were everywhere.....

How can you scold a cute girl?

The Loctor Meet

And so, at 9AM in the morning at StarBucks, Loctor was already there, having his breakfast. And so, I joined him with a Caramel Blended coffee-thing. OK, so I am not so good with details this early in the morning. Then again, I noticed that I am not so good with details anymore. And not only that, this is a Top Secret, hush-hush, cannot tell all, "If I tell you, I would have to kill you" meet up. Must be getting old. And so, Loctor showed me his thing, which I held and fondled it with my trembling hands....

And so, Oh, OK. Here is the summary:
1) I loved that Lens
2) Weezy and Hubby came
3) And then someone came
4) And we laughed at the underwear head
5) And we laughed somemore at the 6th floor jump
6) And we laughed at the Black and white comparisons
7) And we laughed at the Crumpler toilet jokes
8) Practically, we were laughing all the time.
9) Thank goodness we were not drinking soup

I tried out the Lens. I purposely upped the EV.
Dun want to make the morning look so gloomy.
Or, you can imagine that's how I felt when I looked
at my RM13.15 bill receipt after ordering the drink.

I know my Caramel costs me about RM13.15
but seeing his face, and the way he holds his
mobile phone, he must be more worried than me

One thing about the Lens is that its very fast. And the
images are sharp and crisp, at F2.8 too. However, when
I did multiple shots following this car, I must remember
that although it focuses very fast, there are a lot of mis-
focusing. If I do get one, I would have to set to manual

See? Just look at the details! Using the normal
non VR lens, I could not have taken this shot,
even if I did not drink the RM13.15 coffee

Doing a fast pan after a focus, I am amazed!

And just look at the background.......... wow.

Sorry, this is an in-joke and you'd have to be
there to know it. And laugh so hard until the
RM13.15 ice blended caramel comes out of
your nose.