Things you can do with Dettol

Dettol. Its one of those things you can't live without it. It not only cleans and disinfects but also help germs to evolve to a badder germ. With Dettol, you will know its doing its job and leaving the place smelling like a Hospital, but without the exorbitant fees.. You will feel good about it. No, in fact, you will feel good, gooder and goodest. And the plus point, strangers would think you're a Doctor and would love to have babies with you. However, do go easy on the armpits.

With a worn toothbrush (not used anymore), some
Dettol and water, my (never cleaned before) 2005
Seiko Pro Trek will be cleaner than the cleanest of
the clean. So, right now, its undergoing an very
nice 247 second Dettol bath. By then, the 4 year
old grime would be thoroughly wet and easy to
clean off.

See the black specks? Those are the sweat, grime
dandruff, and other biological traces that has been
brushed out. The rest just made the water black.

The before and after pictures, of course

So, you know what to do the next time. This is very
important for a person like me who never take the
damn watch off (for years). The stink from the
metal straps are even enough to scare off a skunk.

Next would be my shaver.............
No, no, I DO wash them all the time.
And no, no, its not going into the bath.

The Lunch that made my Day

[Stupid things to say after midnight]
Sometimes, when you're too busy working and so on, indirectly you WILL feel tired, spent, and worse of all unappreciated. Not only that, you feel like someone who is actually working for money, i.e. you feel as if you're an Office Worker.

And so, to overcome all these feelings, you have to look for some form of little pleasures during your daily grind. If you do not, sooner or later you will be worse off than before. With all the long faces and grumbling, people might think you're a Manager or someone high up in the chain of Command.

So, look for things that makes you happy. Things that makes you smile. Things that pushes away all the hurtful things you Boss said to you this morning or main your balls with a stiletto after lunch. For when you're happy, you will enjoy working. And when you enjoy working, your productivity increases. And when your productivity increases, the Company does well and so on.

And so, I got myself some crispy
siew yoke and steamed eggs. Oh
yeah, and cups of those garlicky
chicken rice chili sauce. Yummy!

For those who have no idea what I am saying, just
think of all the chili sauce hidden under the rice.....

Another plastic card in the mail.....

You know you're going to have fun when the card promised to you arrives. You would be waiting at the door to look out for the postman. You even check on the postbox just in case the postman came while you were walking back to the house.

But for me, this morning was the happiest day. Yes, folks, it came! After months of waiting, the approved my card! Whoo hoo! Yeah, baby! And now, I am a man again! I can go anywhere and when I show them the card, they will cover in fear!

What? You thought it was a Credit Card?
The stupid morons took weeks to replace
this card which I lost in a Hotel while I
was trying to be clever, by fooling the card
system in there.

The xtractaur mod

This is the latest toy from Mattel, whereby you buy the starter kit, which resembles a DNA gun. You then insert it onto a toy dinosaur and "extract" its DNA. Then you go online and do something to it. What it was, I am not sure as I've lost the plot already. What is so interesting is that this little toy which resembles a small futuristic gun or another variation of Men in Black's Cricket, take your pick.

The thing is, this design is ripe for modification. But an asking price of USD27.90 and another USD32 for postage, I can't afford one. Really. I can't afford one. Because if I translate it to my currency, its about MYR107.85, which is quite significant to my take-home pay.

Anyway, let's take a look a the circuit. Since I do not have the toy itself, I cannot show you the pictures (but one day, if it comes here, that is) but for those who have seen them on the Forum, chances are, you'll know what I am talking about.

USB Connections
AS we can see from the pictures, the end of the gun is actually a USB cable. And so, lets take a look at the USB cable itself.

There are four connectors:
1 - RED - 5volts
2 - GREEN - Data
3 - WHITE - Data
4 - BLACK - Ground

Which is which, that is the problem. By looking at the circuit board, you would notice by now that there are actually five cables instead of four. They are RED, GREEN, WHITE, BLACK & BLACK (marked R, G, W, B1, B2 respectively). Here, we are assuming that the Toy gun's wiring cable is following the colour cables of an actual USB cable. Hoping to be lucky, I would say, the RED cable is where you connect the 5 volts, and the Black cable is where you connect the Ground cable. Please be aware that the replacement voltage must not exceed 5 volts as the USB power from the PC is 5 volts. Chances are, if you exceed it, it might go bye-bye.

So, now all you have to do is to stack three coin cell batteries to get 4.5 volts. It might not be much but hopefully, it will work. I am proposing using the coin cell batteries because I think they are small enough to fit into the rear barrel of the gun. And you just have to modify the black plug there to become a twist open cover to replace the batteries. Some torchlight pens have their own removeable battery compartment like the one shown below:

This is an example of how you stack the batteries together.
I took this from a UV detector pen and converted it to a Wii
Infra-red pen for a friend. But if you do see something like
this, all you have to do is to remove the LED and the switch,
(the resistor is my own soldering) connect the spring and
slip a piece of wife to the front (like where one of the LED's
leg is doing).

B1 or B2?
Unfortunately, the photos did not show the underside (and magnified) of the circuit, so I too, cannot determine which to connect the ground cable to.

OK, by now, you would have realised that the points above are all in theory since I do not have the gun. So, its matter to who is brave enough to try connecting the new power battery cables to it.

The circuit board in a nutshell. Although you can remove
the needle part, I am not sure what you can do with it as
the only thing I can think of is to put more LEDs there &
turn the metal jack into a clear resin piece........

OK, how about this?
if you're still adamant about taking out the whole circuit board, its also a good idea but make sure the switch (behind the trigger) is there for you to use. You can cut the wires and connect them to a simple LED circuit instead. But because I am not sure of the gun's dimension, I have to assume the grip area is very slim and the only type of battery is those flat "J" types which gives 12 volts, I think. And if you successfully got it in, you have to cut out a cover for it when you need to change batteries.

Wow. Its three in the morning and I hope I am not talking crap. I can't even remember what I typed earlier or am I making sense.........

[Update 09092009 1030]
Whoa! This is huge! I so want one!
[OH, OK, so I can't afford one]

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09.09.09 Gadget

whooo......... You wan to know that I'll be doing at 9 minutes past nine tomorrow morning? Yes, its 09:09, 09/09/09.

Yea, I want to know what I am doing at 9 minutes past 9 on 9th day of the 9th month of 2009.

BTW, I have added another gadget to the blog. This one, (also on the right side bar) allows you to search for stuff in my blog. But do not, ok? Do not search for the work kinky.