The Talking Joe

After that dinner, we headed off to Carrefour at Tropicana City and well, nothing much to mention about. I mean, its after nine and all shops are in the midst of closing for the night. Bugger all. This is the only time where we, of all people (and others who worked like a dog), are free to go shopping.

What, you don't want our money?

This is the real reason why our economy stinks.

And here, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the latest
RM260 toy from the GI Joe movie. Before I
looked at the price tag, I thought its just one
of those 12 inch toys with limited speech chips
inside it. Aha, wait till you press the button.

Suddenly, the toy would speak, and raise
its 9mm cannon arm and firing at you. Its
RM260, for goodness sake. For that price,
you'd think it can walk via remote too.

But no, all it does is to open its jaws to
show you kids how you can get a nice
set of teeth if you used Colgate regularly.
Me? I'd think it would be picking its jaws
up once the kids go thought it in 5 minutes


Nowadays, whenever we go to a restaurant, the first thing the kids would look for, or ask about, would be the fish. The fish. It started when they were very small, I took them to see the fishes once they have eaten their fill served from the Chef's wok and got bored. And to stop them misbehaving, I took them to see the fish. And so, its the fish, fish, fish.

My new phone.......

"Here. This is the phone that's not working."
"What's wrong with it?"
"You tell me, the caller can't hear us."

"Mind you, its a new phone."
"New? Its not new anymore."
"It new, la. We just got it from you."
"Lady, that was more than two years ago. Besides, how can it get so dirty just sitting in the office?"
" Er, ......"

"Anyway, the caller can't hear us. Anything wrong? Is it the cleaner's fault."
"Can't say. But definitely, their perfume is everywhere in the phone."
"I'll have to take it back for further diagnisos"
"OK. Do what you want."