Zesta besta Zapple?

This Zesta is really starting to make me want to drink it almost every..... year.

Hey, if I drink it three times a day, I wouldn't be blogging anymore.

Just somehow, when I drink it, it soft of reminds me very thinly of Zapple, the apple drink but without the full force of the flavour and that irritating lingering sweet aftertaste.

How to PLAAF the thing

This, is my plan for the PLAAF, should I wish to continue....

What the heck am I saying? Of course I am going to do this! What did you think I would do? Follow the instructions and build the model? No, sir. Not on your life.

Step 1: Face the Pilot backwards and let him watch as I remove the fin.
Step 2: Relocate the Cockpit to the new end, er, front.
Step 3: Thrusters this side.


Good. Now we're done.