School Holiday starts.

Yep, today is the start of the (1 week) term School Holidays for Malaysian Schools. Why am I not so happy?

Because the stupid buses and parents did not gather at the appointed time at 7:30. This means no horns, no engine sounds, no schoolchildren screaming and worst of all, no moronic morning announcements. (The announcements are fun because it really distracts you especially when you have a very difficult time in the toilet)

In other words, I am late for work again. Haih.

The day after. As in after the Petronas F1 demonstration, that is.
This caused a lot of traffic incidents as there were no proper lanes nor lines for motorists. So, who's the vandal?

Further on, the road looks quite nice.
Unfortunately, everyone also loves to drive all over them and all over the road as well

A very interesting phone call........

This car has a weird hole in the bonnet. A modified engine perhaps?

Nah. It served no function now.