What do you think?

The more I think about it, the more my mind says its not a model

Even in Black and White, its still the same.
Oh well. That was fun for a few minutes.

Of pussies and shit

Yeah, there is a lot of that on the Internet and now, for your pleasure, hot from Pasar Road, I present you, the Pussy and the Shit. There are videos of them doing it, eating it, smearing it and also doing other stuff with it except moulding it into a candle and burning it. (Dedicated to a certain Mayat)

What is that yellow stream coming out from the cat?
She was straining so hard, and her backside was actually
shaking and pulsing. And its not comfortable when you
are straining on your hind legs at the same time

She doesn't either. After smelling it, we both
agreed its best left alone. Looking and staring
at me as it I caught her doing some undignified
thing she finally did the next natural thing.....

Yep, she covered her own shit. Unlike other pussies which just
let stuff dribble out all over the place and make people fall down

Trip to Pasar Road

So, this morning, I decided to hang out at Pasar Road since it is hard to wind down after being so used to working during weekdays. Going there also helps me complete a few things. For one, my Bengmobile's batteries needs a recharge and not only that, I need to "feel" my car again, after so many months (or years) of not driving her. Yeah, the rusts are getting worse, at the bonnet and also the roof. Secondly, I need to get some components to make another testing tool which my techs left it in the van which went missing. They always take things for granted. And lastly, just to have a looksee at things there, new components for another testing tool (which I will explain later once I have the budget for it) and also to take some pictures.

And so, I am thankful for the DSLR which allows me to take
very quick shots compared to my ex-Prosumer which would
have taken half a minute to get this shot. By then, the lights
would have turned green or they would have stared back.

When you see the polystyrene boxes
being stacked up like that, it can only
mean one thing. The geng-chau PDA
phone sellers are coming or they're
already there. The will open their bag
and display the phones on top of the
boxes. Every now and then, they will
take out a chamois cloth and slowly
but carefully wipe each phone as if its
made of gold. But beware, these phones
aresold as is and does not come with
anything else. I was tempted with the
iPhone there but I know its stolen.
Moreover, everyone (except the more
gullible customers) would know they
cannot guarantee the phone nor repair

Things start to get a bit uncomfortable
after they noticed I was carrying the
DSLR. Everyone assumed I was some
kind of reporter and my every move
was being watched. I tried to ignore it
and there is this stupid bastard who
keep shining his green laser into the
camera. I like those lasers but I can
tell you this, I would not buy from him.

"Are you from Sin Chiew or Kosmo?" they asked. Regardless
of the answer, they would not believe me, so I just said, "I got
left out on the trip to Palestine, so I got stuck here, OK?" But
with more of them watching me, its time to walk away and
and also hide the camera. But I can't so, I took a few more shots
with the rest being hip-shots. Here, you can have batteries of
anykind except originals ones.

I always go to these stalls for those crystal cases and rubber keypads
and handsfree for the company phone. Perhaps, soon, I might not have
to, depending on how I present (beg) my Wife if I can get a Nokia 5800

These stalls are great when you need belts or sunglasses but
you must know the risk you're taking. Do not assume its the
real thing or that it would last. You're a fool if you did.

More and more stuff for you if you're tired, sexually depressed, etc.
And this is a recent stall from a few years ago. A decade ago, there
were only Chinese traders but now, its slowly becoming more and
more diverse. In a few years, it might be the next Chow Kit.

School's out and this little girl expresses how she feels sitting in a non
air-conditioned bus, stuck with other sweating little tikes. Hey, I had
to endure this for more than 12 years. But then, my schoolbus was
bigger than this but alas, not as big as those coaches which actually
had air-con. If you sat on those, it was like THE bus those days.

Tuck Kee curry puffs. I never did had the chance to take photos of him
with the Nikon D50. And so, this was my chance. He's a nice chap and
also, thought I was a reporter too despite seeing me on and off every
time I was in Pasar Road. His curry puffs are to die for and I have not
tasted any other which has mutton. I wanted to suggest to him to add
some eggs into it but since he was so proud showing me the Star's news
paper clipping, I just let it slide for the moment.

One mutton, two chickend and a Carrefour Coke costs me RM5.10
Just one bite into the crispy and crumbly puffs, was heaven. I wanted
to get more but have to keep my budget. (and yeah, waistline)