System Installation @ Kuching Part I

Once we had arrived, and discussed with the customer, we are ready to begin. The system arrived (via courier) on time, the floorplans are ready and ...........OMG! the Engineer is missing!

After many calls, he finally answered the phone and promised to be there the next day since he was busy with another installation today. He also thought the installation was tomorrow. As we did not have the necessary tools to mount the system nor to initialise it, the only thing we can do is mope around. This means we have lost one day. Damn!

The goods are here but not the Engineer

Our system caters for 64 extensions

Compared to this 15 year old NEC which also holds 64 extensions

A closer look at the processor and the cards

This is the second shelf

I am going to switch this machine off tomorrow

And this means staring at the wall for hours

I love Kuching food!

OK, I invited a Kuching friend of mine for dinner. Where we had i, I am not sure of the place but the food was delicious! Anyway, she brought in two more girls which made our jaws dropped the whole night and made a lot of males there seeth with jealousy.
(Sorry, no pictures)

These chicken wings can beat KL's Jalan Alor anytime!

And the fish, oh, the fish!
Yummy yummy yum yum!
And also the sotong!

System Installation @ Kuching Part II

So, today is Saturday and there were new problems which again sets me on the edge. We had planned so carefully and yet this type of crap still happened:

-Some offices were either locked or staff wants to go home at 4PM
-Some extensions cannot be found and they're usually in the locked offices
-There is a technical problem which we had to locate the right person in Shah Alam
-Most of them in Shah Alam are either not working or busy
-And some of them in Shaha Alam are shifting office right now
-The Engineer came in and out due to committments with other customers

By the time we really started work, it was in the afternoon. With less than a day left to complete this, I am psychologically drained and pissed.

After I mounted the system on top

The Engineer connected all the cables

We stopped for lunch and when they said its
"Salad Chicken Rice", they weren't joking!