Kristine's Magic Trick

Kristine is showing Kaelynn a Magic Trick.
She is showing her how a wrist strap can
disappear. And so, Kaelynn was very, very

Unfortunately, the Magic Trick took too long
and she lost interest. This was because big
sister did not practise and so, it took her a
very long time to make he strap disappear...

Hotwheels Battle Force 5's Reverb

24082010 2220

While biding my time for my appointment with Kenny, I spotted something very nice at the Pavillion. Its one of those Hot Wheels toy cars (read: Expensive). To be more accurate, its the Reverb, owned by Stanford Isaac Rhodes IV. I'll skip the background details as there is a lot of info on the Internet. This is one of the new CGI cartoons which I saw the girls watching them a week ago on Astro. Suffice to say, it took me more than 30 minutes before getting it. And from the corner of my eye, I suspect the Salesperson was about to pounce on me for lingering in the shop too long and not buying anything. Hah.

Oh, and guess what? Its from the same company which made Stormhawks too.

And so, for RM69.90, I submit myself to VISA. This
is one of the few BF5 vehicles of this scale/size. You
can have the smaller 1/43 but they come in a playset
or you can have a slightly bigger one but their
dimensions looked very cacat. So, this Reverb
is the best of the lot.

Of course, in a cartoon, you have a team. All are
really identifiable by the colour on their G-suits.
Reminds me of those live-action Japanese kiddy
shows. Then again, this happened everywhere.

So, purple guy have purple car. Got it.

The Reverb's weapon is sonic something and here,
in the real world, it is represented by hard plastic
missiles that can take out an ant at 10 inches. I
like the opening flaps and the 'pop' up of the guns
but after accidentally popping them too often, its
very irritating.

So, this is the more economical way of securing
the toy to the packaging. No more black wires.
Note the serious amount of screws to secure
the chassis to the body.

And those irritating but strong clear 'rubber
bands'. Lukily I was patient or else I suspect,
I would end up with a broken toy instead.

So, why do I like it? Well, just look at the front. If
you do not mind the razor sharp corners, the front
is just nice. Imagine the grills all being black and a
just a thin slit at the top for headlights.

Then at the rear, its enough for the red lights.
Who needs turn indicators and reverse lights?

The figure is just so sad, though. Its made of some
very soft vinyl and with just 5 points of articulation
it looked as if it was designed as some very last
minute addition. But then again, at that size for a
toy, this will have to be the best that they can do
since they have to take children into consideration.
Now, all you have to do is to add some rear vertical
wings and guess what?

Yep. But I'll forgo the front turbine.


23082010 2204

Now, its my turn to be sick. But I do believe that I could be me lying on the sofa watching the Battlestar Galactica DVD for three straight days. Either that or, I got it from my customer in the morning.

This was because when I came into the office, I was already suffering from a sore neck. But by the time I came back in the afternoon, my joints were starting to feel painful and I was actually getting dizzy. The normal symptoms came up; a bit of a sore throat, sweating and 'hot' breath from the throat. So, I bought a one litre orange juice drink for lunch and drank it all up, followed by those orange vitamin C soluble tablets.

And so, when it came to finishing work, I went back, bought another lire pack of orange, went to sleep for almost 10 hours. It was not easy because every now and then, I had to relieve myself dye to excessive liquid. And so, in the bed, I sweated it out.

Come morning, the fever was gone but I still had cold sweat. But by lunchtime, it was completely gone. Thanks to Peel fresh, Minute Maid, and that orange soluble tablet. And no, my Wife did not stuff any medication up my ass unlike the girls.........

38ÂșC! Wow. It is a fever!

Dotting my boards

23082010 2151
OK, the circuit boards are ready. Now all I
have to do is to increase the fool-proofness
by marking white orientation dots on the
connectors so that you know which side
is the correct side to plug in to.

Homework for Kaelynn

23082010 1713

Finally! At last! Kaelynn has homework!
Oh, I am so happy now......... really. Else
I would think the monthly school fees
were for naught. Hey, I'm a parent, K?

NERF Depreciation

23082010 1610

@#&%! My NERF depreciated by RM50.00!

Does this means that every time I hit a target,
will suffer a 33.33% less damage?


22082010 1713

Oh, man. This is torture! Half the stories are not
interconnected and I think my brain got lost in
the stories. But its very exciting, that is, if I did
not read some of the episode guides ahead, that
is. Still, I am getting a headache.... don't feel well


22082010 1158

Here we go again. After Kaelynn's turn, it was now Krsitine's turn to have a fever. Its not a nice feeling as if there is something in the air which does that. And some friends, also told me their kids have fevers too. Damn.

And so, Krsitine lying miserably on the mattress
while Kaelynn accompanies here.

Things got worse when I found my copy of
the Season 2.5 Battlestar Galactica DVD. I
too suffered because although the stories
were entertaining, it was a bit too slow. And
the information I was looking for (Vipers and
their navigation strobes) was not there or
too brief on the screen. After two days watching
it, I think I have fever too. Or a sprained neck.

The posing fireman

21082010 1917

Was reading The Star newspaper about a shop located on the second floor of GM Plaza behind Jalan Chow Kit where its roof collapsed because the idiots put too much stock on the suspended ceiling. A few shoppers were injured and the Firemen came too.

As I was reading this in the Library, I almost
wanted to laugh out loud. Not because of the
accident but this. Look closer......

Its as if he bagged a bargain (hands behind his back)
or, was just plain
happy to come visit GM Plaza.

Hobby HQ 21082010

21082010 1222

Thanks to pmlow, I got a Mk II Viper model kit from the new battlestar Galactica series. This was one of those model kits which I wanted but was always out of stock. When I remembered about it, it was out of stock. Then when I want to order it, it was out of stock. And then, out of production. But thanks to Bruce, I have one. But I feel its not appropriate to call it mine. Until today, that is.

Bruce also told me that the Viper's pilot seat
was based from the actual F-18 plane. But in
the model, it was not accurately depicted. It
took me RM15.00 to realise the amount of
detail. Here, you can see the defference in
scale when I compared the 1/48 (left) with
the 1/32 (right). Unfortunately, HHQ does
not have 1/32 at the moment.

Also, I took some Toyota Hilux surf models from
him. This was actually a collection from a late
SFTPMS member where another member could
not keep it anymore due to lack of space. Also, as
i was looking for a particular Hilux model, I suppose
I can do no wrong since I have 4 chances to get it
right. Oh, the Delica is for another wistful dream...
All in, everything was less than RM200.00

Dry breakfast

20082010 0751

Yum yum. Hot chili oil sauce mixed with the
very dry ba-chang. Its so dry, even the meat
has shrunk off off the bones. First time I've
even seen bones in a ba-chang.