Gainway Bicycle @ Kota Kemuning

After several attempts to locate a decent bicycle shop, Dad finally decided to try the one at Kota Kemuning. In this day and age, its quite weird that there is no proper bicycle shop. I mean, you can have the serious biker shops and all but not for kids. Then again, we bought this bike from Carrefour and they don't even sell spare tires.

Yep. Kristine's bike has a broken front tire. The plastic hub/parts holding the wheel together has cracked. And it would be a waste to just go out and buy a new bike all because of a broken vinyl non-grip tire. And with the falling scrap metal prices these days, the scrap merchant might not even want to take it for anything more than Rm300.00 even if you threaten to eat his dog.

And so, we drove all the way to Kota Kemuning for this small tire. And the bad news was, the original bicycle shop we passed by so many times, is gone. Yeah, gone. It seemed like no one is interested in cycling.

But all is not lost as just right across, is a new
shop. But this shop sells Japanese used bikes.

You're heard of re-cond cars and half-cuts, but
these are used bikes. And some of the designs
are very interesting. Prices are quite modest
unless you start going for those foldable ones.

And there are a lot for you to choose from

This is a tricycle. Apart from having two front
wheels, it also has a parking brake. I did not
take a shot of it but you can activate it from
the handle.

What is interesting is that the way the wheels turn.
This model has its basket removed so you can see
clearly what I meant.

And its actually quite comfortable to sit on. I
have no problems with it and neither did Kaelynn.

Next to it was a more completed bike where
the basket mounted. You can also notice that
there is a baby chair in front of the rider. So
Mommy can take her baby out as well.

My Dad trying it out while chatting with
Mr. Lee, the shop owner.

I was more interested in the black bike
here. Actually, there were two versions

This first one was where you can change gears by
twisting the handle. It was a nice idea but to be
practical, since I do not own a Motorcycle, this is
not a comfortable way for me to change gears.

And so, the normal way it had to be. As the bike
costs about RM300.00 to RM400.00 (I forgot
the price, actually) I wanted to ask if they could
accept credit cards but since we came in a car,
there is only enough space for Kristine's bike in
the boot.

After that, we went to Subang.
Why, I cannot tell you now, but
it will come later.

China Doll Treatment

Maybe they're still too young but after seeing them treat their dolls, the hope of them growing up in a Medical Profession is now gone. And don't even think about then being Zombie Fashion Gurus as well. Apart from my Wife, my Parents also think its better for them to play with dolls rather than my guns. But apart from the minor fact that they're girls, guns are good for them as it enhances eye-hand coordination. You don't get much from Barbie dolls except for the hand disconnection part.

This is the second doll given to the girls from
one of our relatives. This first one suffered
limb amputation and the surgeon replace the
arms with pencils. This one was more fortunate
as it only has ripped clothes. So, don't you all
think its safer for them to play with guns?

Corrupting innocent minds

So, after clearing all our appointments and calls for the week, everyone was quite free for today's activity. This is a very important activity and you could say, its a last resort activity as for me, I felt that there is not enough time anymore. For the past few months, I tried to bring my Senior Tech along with me for most of the customer calls but it was never that easy to meet halfway for one or two customer as we both finish at different times from previous appointments. And so, after reinforcing my requirements for actual training, I got it.

So, with my Boss and Senior Tech sitting in, I made sure they understood what I was trying to convey. Its not easy because neither of them thinks like me but they know this is important. Thinking back decades ago, when I was in my Primary School, I dreaded standing in front of everyone and make speeches or debates. And when my former English Teacher encouraged me to do it, I could say it was disastrous. Getting A's in English was not a problem but having a spotlight leaves me a nervous wreck. But not anymore. Because after reading up on so many self-help books (which did not help) and opening up a bit to people, I find talking to people is actually, quite alright.

But don't ask me to write a 5000 word speech and then tell me the King/Prime Minister/Boss, etc. is in the audience. But what makes it so exciting, if you're not being overwhelmed by your fears, that is, is that people RESPECT you enough to give you some of their precious time to hear you speak.

Anyway, come to think of it, sometimes I really enjoy doing training. Looking at the audience, pretending I care and then spotting the odd ones yawning, their eyes glazed over is quite fun. And they cannot do anything else but stare in front and at least, pretend to pay attention while you try to bore them more. Yes, this is the power you have over them.

And the killer words?

"Please pay attention as there are no notes (and it will be in your exams, etc.)"

This is the system I am training everyone today.
We had to put everthing here as I will be using the
PC. I could have requested all this to be put into
our Technical Office/Lab/Room where is a white
board but this is going to waste more time.