Kristine is growing up now, and she is already
know how to brush her teeth and also wear
some caps.

And she also knows how to dress herself

Death on the Road

The road from Sungei Buloh towards the old Airport Road is always jammed up. And this has been happening for years. Everytime I get there, I have to make sure other drivers do not cut into my lane on purpose (Ha ha ha ha). Some even drove on the road shoulder just to get there faster. Suddenly, this morning I witnessed some activity at the FRIM.....

This is a horrible monster which uproots trees
with a single pull

And there are a lot of beautiful trees waiting to be uprooted
The photos does not do justice but the green colour this
morning was so nice..........

Every tree has been marked for Death. Oh dear.
The price they pay for our cars to go zoom zoom