Why I was stuck in Seremban

OK, this is a very quick job. Dismantle the phone system, carry it across town and reinstall it back. Most to most, it would only take me about a few hours. Unexpectedly, it took me nearly a whole day. Things began to go wrong when the Telekoms people did not show up as promised. And then, the table guys were late. So, this affected the cable guys. Which in turn, affected the phone guy, which by coincidence, is me.

As I was required to be there at 10 in the morning, the dismantling job only took me less than half an hour. But its the reinstalling part which took most of the time due to the above and its not even my fault. By eight in the evening, I can't take it anymore and decided to go off since there was nothing much for me to do but to wait around, and terminate the cables after the table/cable guys. At this time, I suspect these guys went off for their dinner. So, I told the customer I would be back on Monday but unfortunately, they received the call from Telekoms a few mnutes earlier who promised would be there tomorrow (Sunday). Sigh. There goes my weekend.

Of course I old me Boss about this and he was surprised I was still working so long for such a small system. So, the decision is up to me and I told him I would have to go anyway, or screw up Monday's schedule.

This is the old site. Just to take
it out is very simple. Cut all the
wires and you're home free.....


Since the previous installer connected
the cables this way, I could not cut all
the cables in one shot but I have to see
which ones cannot be cut as I can use
back the cabling to save time.

There you go. All done!

Unfortunately, chages were being made as I was doing my
work. They have to do this because although there are
more than 20 over extension points, the system, on the
other hand, can only support sixteen.

The fastest item from eBay

I really have to blog about this one. The reason I got this item was because all the stalls in KL Do not want to sell it as a single item but in a 300 or so fucking ringgit. In the end, I resorted to eBay. Waited and hunted for the cheapest price (plus shipping, of course) or for almost the same price if getting it over here. In the end, I got this from Ireland. And it arrived in 5 days.

In 5 DAYS! Woohoo!

And the price? Its just Rm20 extra, which can be translated to the same as driving to the shops, parking fees and of course, the usual meal requisites. I am so happy now.

I got this on my desk this morning

And upon opening it......... whooooo!

Days later, with some extra time, I took some
photos of this guy, Dominic Santiago, from the
XBox game, Gears of War. I am so tempted to
recast his body in transparent resin so that I
can light up the blue parts and also the two big
flat nipples (or induction cookers) on his chest
armour. Ha ha ha ha. Luckily, I know nuts
about resin casting.

Maybe I really should consider
getting a macro lens.....

This is how they look in the game. No helmets or any other head protection. Most to most would be a nice little black bandana. Put on those bulky armour and you'd look macho. Anyhow, this does reminds me of those soldiers in the Vietnam war.