Flash Light

I got this flashlight for RM1.50 from one of those cheep cheep DIY shops near the office. Its means mainly for cyclists or people whole love to jog/walk on the road.

Or you can just fit it to your bum and call it the
Third Brake Light, or you can put as many as
you want on your whole body while you jog.
Do not be surprised when you read
tomorrow's papers about a red UFO....

Taking it apart, you have the reflector, the red lens/cover
and the electronics itself. It uses two AAA batteries.

There are about eight flashing sequences which you
can select by pushing the button at the back.

Aw, rats

Is it just me or what? This is the fourth time I have
encountered dead rats. Some kind of message for
me? Or is it just my luck?
BTW, I believe this was done by dogs and not cats
as the area are full of dogs there


When it comes to connectors, it must be able to do its job
properly. Any loose or unreliable connections can jeopardise
a system. When I saw these type of connectors on a Toyota,
it all makes sense. Its also a far cry from those connectors
which are exposed to the environment. All it takes is for your
car to go into a big puddle and that's it. The end

In my set of tools, I too have some connectors. But they're
more of a patching system so that I can connect one set of
cables to another while I am testing the system.

[L-R] BNC to RCA connector when you need to test a CCTV camera
with a modern TV.
BNC to BNC coupler when your RG59 cables are too short or you need to
patch to a longer cable
I forgot what's it named but this is a very common connector for me as I
use it very often when it comes to testing telephone systems

Lawak Kampus Rebound

Yes, another local comic (strip)

Its quite nice. And the sick humour is quite

And in between, some serious artwork
to derail your sick train of thought.
Out of five stars, I give it drumsticks.

The Aircon

After so many months, when I visit this system again,
I still have worries. There are so many things that can
go wrong. For example, when the air-con really fails, it
can drip water down to the power supply. Or when the
"wall" fails (as it is made of plasterboard) either when it
got wet from the air-con or someone puts weight on it...

We were not consulted when this room was built, OK?

Sleeping on the job

When your machine's toner is low, it goes to sleep


I'm bored. I know I can just use the camera's timer to shoot
this. But no, I had to go and use a tripod so that I have the
excuse of being able to use the remote