Petrol in Space

Finally, the Hotwheels Star Trek ships are in again and this time, I managed to get a good shot on the JJPrise. In fact, I need to get a good shot of the JJPrise. It is very important that I get a good shot of the JJPrise. Expecially, this is the JJPrise version which I must get a good shot of.



OK, let me explain this. Spaceships in Star Trek uses
Dilitium crystals as fuel. But this particular model is
See the fuel cap there? Captain Kirk is using
decomposed bodies of lifeforms as fuel.......
Fossil Fuel, get it? Ron97? Ron95?
BP? Caltex? Mobil F1? Petronas?

Some things I saw today

I love these power supplies. And I love how this
shop uses them. Unfortunately, someone lost
the cover.

This is another circuit which I am not sure what its
for. But in the old days, they would just pour in the
black resin to encapsulate the whole circuit board
to make it waterproof and shock proof but we all
know its another form to prevent reverse tech.

Now, I see they're using clear resin. Maybe the intention
is to piss off the Engineers; You can see it but its going to
make your job a lot harder.......

The Definition of Work

This is so true in my old jobs. Here,
its very different. I just can't seem
to finish them before clocking off.
Time sure flies when you're having
fun. Really. I am starting to really
enjoy my work again.